[From February Issue 2010]

At the end of last year a committee for the Olympic game reform consisting of influential Japanese politicians was organized. They made a decision to propose the creation of a senior division in the Olympic Games to the International Olympic Committee. The proposal will be officially submitted to the committee through the Japan Olympic Committee. Hiragana Times CIA interviewed the chief secretary, ITSUWA Masanao.

CIA: Why will you propose to create a senior division?

Sec.: At present there are men’s and women’s games in the Olympics, but not senior games. We propose to create the senior division for those over 50 years of age in all Olympic events. The senior division will be further divided into four classes; 50~54, 55~59, 60~64 and over 65.

CIA: What will happen after creating the senior division?

Sec.: The senior sports population will surely increase. The world is now in depression. It will bring a great economic effect in the industries of sports goods, gyms, drinks and so on. Japan should propose it to the world as another “Hatoyama Initiative” like the CO2 cut. The world will accept the plan.

CIA: Why do you propose it so suddenly?

Sec.: The Hatoyama cabinet has been criticized for having no policy for economic growth. As you know Japan is an aging society and old people have lots of money. With this policy they will spend more money. In a trial calculation, Japan can expect a great economic effect. It will also be good for their health maintenance and should decrease medial expenditure.

CIA: Is there any other advantage for Japan with this plan?

Sec.: Japan has the highest ratio of elderly people and the longest life span. There is a high possibility that Japan can get many gold medals in the senior division and be one of the top countries.

CIA: After all, your true intention is to take advantage of the Olympics, isn’t it?

Sec.: Yes, actually we have a hidden aim. Japan’s influence in the world is gradually decreasing, reflecting the development of newly emerged economic countries such as China and India. Our purpose also includes diverting people from dissatisfaction. If Japan can make good results in the senior division, the world’s views on the nation’s value will change greatly. The world would begin to compare national power by the power of the elderly, not by economic scale. Then, Japan could be a country people of the world envy.

One Comment from CIA

This proposal would be beneficial for Japan, but the US and China, which gain many medals in the Olympics, would oppose this plan just like CO2 cut policy as it violates their benefits. Dear Japanese politicians, you know Hatoyama can not make any decision. It is obvious he cannot pressure the International Olympic Committee. Don’t bring anymore shame on him!

* CIA(Cynically Insulting Agency)


昨年の末に日本の有力政治家によるオリンピック改革推進委員会が誕生した。そして、オリンピック競技にシニア部門をつくるよう国際オリンピック委員会に提案することを決めた。提案は2月のバンクーバー・オリンピック終了後に、日本オリンピック委員会を通じて正式に行うとしている。Hiragana Times CIAは、五輪正直事務局長にインタビューした。













* CIA(Cynically Insulting Agency /皮肉冗談局)