Company Information | 会社概要

Corporate NameHiragana Times, Inc. [株式会社ひらがなタイムズ]
Location3F, 6th-Matsushima Bldg., 10-10 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062, Japan|151-0062 東京都渋谷区元代々木町10-10第6まつしまビル3F
Corporate NumberT4010001160053 (適格請求書登録番号)
Editor-in-ChiefTARUISHI Koji [樽石幸治 代表取締役編集長]
Established1986 [創刊 1986年]

Our Business | 事業内容

Since Hiragana Times magazine was established in 1986, Hiragana Times has assisted those who are interested in Japan and its language.
We focus on 4 mediums; Super-effective lesson textbooks, Workout series, English-Japanese magazine, and online language lessons.
Each has unique features that enable and support your path to Japanese proficiency, both linguistically and culturally.

Hiragana Times

Our monthly English-Japanese magazine provides insight into real Japan while teaching you practical and useful Japanese at the same time. The magazine’s contents have been used in many different fields, including English-Japanese dictionaries.
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We also provide online Japanese lessons that are tailor-made for our students. We can focus on conversational Japanese, business Japanese, and test preparation, providing a personalized learning experience.


We’ve published our own textbooks that focus on non-conventional methods of learning Japanese. We focus on conversational Japanese that utilizes a learning technique that has been registered as a utility model with the Japan Patent Office.

Study Book

One of the most important aspects of learning Japanese is to be consistent with intake of content. Textbooks are dull, so we have archived unique articles that we believe give readers the ability to look at Japan from various angles. Our supplemental learning is informative and entertaining, the perfect language workout.