[From July Issue 2014]

Trends are sometimes born when fans try to recreate the hairstyles or clothing of the TV and movie stars they idolize. Now the latest boom, which got underway via social media, is for “makeovers that transform you into a celebrity.”
Using makeup techniques, these total makeovers transform your face so that it resembles the celebrity you’d like to become. Many people upload photos of their makeovers onto Twitter and Facebook or outline the makeup process on videos shared on video sites. After sharing their knowhow, those producing high quality makeovers have evaluated and gained popularity, so that some have even published books.
KAJI Eriko is one of those people. She’s been interested in makeup since childhood and began doing makeovers in her senior year in high school. She shared her photos on her blog and rounded off 2012 by choosing 24 of the best of her celebrity imitation photographs she’d done that year for a compilation. Her blog was retweeted many times and the term “mane meiku” (get the look makeovers) became a No. 1 trend word. This led to appearances on TV and in magazines. She’s published two makeup books so far.
HANAFUSA Miyako who works in the editorial department at Takarajima, says, “The book ‘Mane Meiku Recipe’ shows how to do your makeup to resemble 32 different celebrities – including KITAGAWA Keiko and Rola – that are popular with women. Special makeup tools aren’t necessary. These (looks) can be easily achieved with what you have to hand. Readers’ comments have included: ‘I was told I looked just like the entertainer’ and ‘Just browsing through (the photos) is fun.’
Total makeovers have even branched out into CSR (corporate social responsibility activities). Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd runs a CSR activity for women called “Ah! Meijingu Club” (Amazing Club) under the tagline: “Making myself and my town beautiful!” One of the themes they’ve adopted is ‘trends’ and the seventh and most recent group to be founded is the “Total Makeover ☆ Fukuoka Star Club.”
Club captain NAGASUE Yuki says, “Fukuoka is a city that many people have moved to either because of job relocation or because of the effects of the earthquake. Our intention is to provide an environment where they can mix with locals. Total makeovers are quite popular, so when we advertised to recruit members, there were five times more applicants than the spaces we had to fill. When we held a party to show off our work, everyone had such a good time and got so excited that we burst out laughing many times. Our members get along together very well and keep in touch.”
A characteristic of this trend for total makeovers is that many people upload their makeover photos onto social media. Interaction through the Internet is lively as people comment and click ‘like.’

Text: HATTA Emiko[2014年7月号掲載記事]

宝島社編集部の花房美也子さんは話します。「『真似メイク RECIPE』は、北川景子さんやローラさんなど、女性に人気がある芸能人計32名の顔になれるメイク方法を紹介した本です。特別な道具は不要で、手持ちのメイク道具でできます。読者からは『芸能人に似ていると言われた』『見ているだけでも楽しい』という声をいただいています」。


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