[Memorial Series] Hiragana Times 2014 “Back-Issues”

[Memorial Series]

Hiragana Times 2014 “Back-Issues”(digital) 12 issues in one go!

Ready to download now💫 (Audio 🎧 are also included)

Do you remember any outbreak news in 2014?😀
If not, don’t worry! Hiragana Times has it covered!
Digital Magazine📚 with Audio 🎧 are ready for download anytime 💫

Enjoy a quick time leap back to 2014 with Hiragana Times 😊

日本人の方は英語の勉強になりますよ。英語で日本のことを話すことが得意になります ☺️

PDFもしくは、iOS, Android でも読めます。[音声も聴けます。]

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