An Event Combining Sports and Bamboo Shoot Digging

An Event Combining Sports and Bamboo Shoot Digging – スポーツとたけのこ掘りを組み合わせたイベント

[News Review – April 2024 Issue]


On March 16th, the “3rd Yama-ga Bamboo Shoot Digging Championship” was held in Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture.


Bamboo shoots are ingredients that signal the arrival of spring.


Yamaga City is known as a production area for bamboo shoots, but the annual production has decreased due to neglect of bamboo groves and a shortage of successors.


Therefore, this event has been held since 2022.


Participants run about 1 kilometer to a bamboo grove, dig for bamboo shoots, and then return to the venue.


They compete in the number, size, and appearance of the bamboo shoots, and after reaching the goal, they enjoy bamboo shoot dishes.


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