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  • Unlock a world of language learning possibilities with our APP Version, designed for smartphones and tablets.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to over 150 issues and explore 1,000+ bilingual learning articles.
  • Our audio clips ensure your learning continues seamlessly, whether on the move or taking a break.



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Seamless Reading Experience

  • Our APP Version offers the same layout as the print magazine, providing a sense of familiarity while embracing the uniqueness of digital reading.
  • Dive into articles with the added advantage of audio clips, creating an immersive and comprehensive learning journey.
  • Moreover, the access to back issues up to January 2013 enriches your exploration.


“Multilevel Text” Features

  • Immerse in “Japanese-only text” without English, furigana, or Glomaji, enhancing your reading comprehension.
  • Benefit from recorded audio, presenting sentences in clear English and Japanese.
  • Listen alternately to English and Japanese sentences, amplifying your language skills.
  • Read while listening using your tablet or smartphone for a truly integrated experience.

🗣️ Enhance Your Experience:

As an esteemed reader, you’re invited to exclusive live sessions. Engage in lively conversations with Language Coaches and fellow learners, gaining valuable insights and expanding your horizons.

Embark on a journey of language and cultural exploration with our APP Version. Dive into a world of possibilities at your fingertips.


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