The Canvas of Cultural Fusion: The Allure of Panama

The Canvas of Cultural Fusion: The Allure of Panama – 文化融合のキャンバス:パナマの魅力

[Hiragana Times EXPO – March 2024 issue]


In this Pavilion corner, vibrant artworks featuring the colors of Panamas national flag, blue and red, are showcased.


The bird with spread wings represents Panamas national bird, the Harpy Eagle, symbolizing independence and freedom. The ten shining stars above its head symbolize the unity of Panamas ten provinces. In the center, there is a symbol of the sun and stars, inspired by the woven fabricMolaof the indigenous Kuna tribe, who worship nature.


Surrounding it, Panamas national flower, theEspíritu SantoorHoly Spirit Orchid,is characterized by its pure white petals with a dove seemingly perched at the center. In the background, numerous spears stand tall, symbolizing guarding peace and tranquility. Panamas strength and purity coexist.


The annualCarnival de Panamashowcases the rich diversity of Panamanian culture. During the early 20th-century construction of the Panama Canal, many Chinese laborers migrated to Panama. The timing of the carnival, which coincides with Chinas Spring Festival (Lunar New Year), has led to the incorporation of Asian culture into the festivities. The Chinese lion dance depicted on the bottom left side represents this influence.


The fusion of tradition and culture, along with the generous spirit of the people, has created a remarkable masterpiece captured on a single canvas.


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