A Ukrainian-born Model is Chosen as Miss Japan

A Ukrainian-born Model is Chosen as Miss Japan – ミス日本にウクライナ生まれのモデルが選ばれる

[Pros And Cons With Insight – April 2024 Issue]


Background | 背景

At the Miss Japan contest, SHIINO Karolina, originally from Ukraine, was selected as the grand prize winner. ShiIno, who spoke fluent Japanese, expressed, “I feel acknowledged as a Japanese. My heart is full of gratitude.” Her win sparked discussions about what it means to be Japanese.


Voice of approval | 賛成の声

Nationality is Japanese and Japanese language proficiency is perfect. There are no issues at all.


 Voices against | 反対の声

I doubt whether someone who isn’t of Japanese descent can embody the beauty of Japan.


 Insight | 洞察

The Miss Japan contest originated from selecting female goodwill ambassadors to express gratitude to the American LARA (relief supplies) that saved many malnourished children in Japan after the war.


Subsequently, Shiino decided to relinquish her grand prize title due to the discovery of inappropriate incidents.


While her qualities and talents are remarkable, and her desire to be acknowledged as Japanese is touching, her participation reasons might have diverged from the original philosophy of the “Miss Japan Contest.”


The lyrics of the national anthem, “Kimigayo,” express the gathering of countless tiny pebbles (different thoughts and cultures) at the eastern edge, gradually solidifying into one large rock and developing until moss binds them.


When Japan and the world truly become their genuine selves, there should be no need for Shino to participate in the contest.


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