Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut

[From January Issue 2015]

“Champon” is a dish of pork, seafood and vegetables cooked together in a soup. Including its overseas branches, there are more than 650 “Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut” stores. In addition to smaller sized champon served with plenty of vegetables, there are a wide range of varieties available to choose from. Popular too are gyouza (fried dumplings) that have a casing made from a mixture that contains rice powder. Flour, rice powder and vegetables are all made in-house. No preservatives or artificial colors are used. A set menu is also available for children.

[No. 1] Plenty of Vegetables Champon 680 yen

A 480 gram serving of seven kinds of vegetables are used in this champon. Compared to regular Nagasaki champon, double the quantity of cabbage, bean sprouts, and onion is used. A bowl of this champon provides the correct amount of vegetables (350 grams) a person needs per day.

[No. 2] Nagasaki Champon 540 yen

This standard dish at Ringerhut is made with 255 grams of vegetables. Many people order this dish together with gyouza.

[No. 3] Nagasaki Sara Udon 580 yen

Together with Nagasaki champon, this is one of the company’s trademark dishes. Slathered in a thick starchy sauce, this dish is poured onto a bed of deep-fried crispy thin noodles.
Prices quoted are for eastern Japan.
Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut[2015年1月号掲載記事]


【No.1】野菜たっぷりちゃんぽん 680円


【No.2】長崎ちゃんぽん 540円


【No.3】長崎皿うどん 580円



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