• Jonathan’s

    [From August Issue 2015]

    “Jonathan’s” is a family restaurant franchise that has approximately 300 restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The numerous dishes on offer contain carefully selected ingredients sourced from various regions. “Appetizers” are reasonably priced at 250 yen a dish and are popular with those who fancy a light meal or something to nibble on while having alcoholic drinks. Some restaurants locations also offer home delivery.

    [No.1] Tandoori Chicken & Mexican Pilaf 899 yen

    This long-selling dish has been on the menu for over 20 years. The curry-flavored chicken and spicy Mexican pilaf (fried rice) pairing has become a favorite for many.

    [No.2] American Sauce Spaghetti with Snow Crab 869 yen

    This pasta dish is made with flaked snow crab meat and is topped with a specially-made American sauce that gives it a creamy finish. It is a classic and popular Jonathan’s dish.

    [No.3] Doria with Brightly Colored Vegetables 799 yen

    This rice casserole contains lots of vegetables. The dish is accentuated with thick cream and a signature meat sauce.
    Availability and prices may vary according to the restaurant.


    【No.1】タンドリーチキン&メキシカンピラフ 899円


    【No.2】ずわい蟹のアメリカンソーススパゲッティ 869円


    【No.3】1日分の緑黄色野菜が摂れるドリア 799円



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  • Nadai Fujisoba



    【No.1】天玉そば 460円


    【No.2】かつ丼 480円


    【No.3】ざるそば 380円


    名代 富士そば[:en][From July Issue 2015]

    At the “Nadai Fujisoba” chain of restaurants, it’s possible to eat Japanese dishes – including soba – for a reasonable price. Although it’s known for being a restaurant where customers consume food standing up at the counter, you can sit down to eat in most outlets. More than 100 outlets are open for business in and around Tokyo Prefecture. Since the business was founded in 1966, its outlets, located mostly on busy streets and/or close to train stations, have been open 24 hours a day. Menu options vary slightly from one shop to another.

    [No.1] Tentama Soba 460 yen

    Soba topped with kakiage (tenpura vegetable strips deep fried with seafood) and an onsen egg—a standard item on Fujisoba’s menu.

    [No.2] Katsudon 480 yen

    A bowl of rice and tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlets) topped with a scrambled egg. The pork is boiled in Fujisoba’s own unique broth.

    [No.3] Zaru Soba 380 yen

    Served on a bamboo tray, cold buckwheat noodles sprinkled with seaweed strips. These can be dipped into a richly flavored cold soup before eating. Enjoy the flavors of soba and seaweed.
    This is a permanent fixture on Fujisoba’s summertime menu.

    The prices differ from store to store.
    The prices quoted above are standard prices.
    Nadai Fujisoba[:]


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  • Gyu-Kaku

    [From June Issue 2015]

    Gyukaku, a chain of grilled meat restaurants, has 602 shops in Japan and additional branches overseas. Most are located near train stations. You can grill your own meat, either at the counter or at a table. Although the prices are set at reasonable levels for the young target market, there’s also a 1,980 yen dish (for two or three people) of top quality red meat (beef fillet steak). Desserts, such as ice cream, are popular, too. As a children’s menu is available, the whole family can enjoy themselves.

    [No.1] Kalbi with a Secret Recipe Salty Sauce 490 yen


    This special salty sauce, served when the chain was first established, has made a reappearance. Sun-dried salt in the sauce brings out the savory flavors of the meat.

    [No.2] King Skirt Steak 790 yen


    Generous slices of tender skirt steak. Relish the juiciness. Miso-garlic and salt-butter flavors are available.

    [No.3] Cotton Candy Sukiyaki Kalbi 590 yen


    Kalbi (beef ribs) with a cotton candy topping. A warishita sauce is added while it’s being cooked. If dipped in a beaten raw egg mix, it tastes as sweet as sukiyaki.

    Availability and prices vary depending on the restaurant.
    The number of restaurants printed as of April 1, 2015.


    【No.1】秘伝の塩ダレカルビ 490円


    【No.2】王様ハラミ 790円


    【No.3】わたあめすき焼きカルビ 590円



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  • Gusto

    [From May Issue 2015]

    “Gusto” is Japan’s only family restaurant chain to have a branch in every single prefecture. The number of these stores exceeds 1,350. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes for a reasonable price. The chain started as a self-service drink bar. Gusto is a community restaurant with close regional ties. There is also a sister chain of restaurants called “Steak Gusto” that focuses on steaks and hamburgers.

    [No.1] Cheese IN Hamburger 499 yen

    One of Gusto’s signature dishes. Four kinds of cheese, including camembert and mozzarella, are used. When you cut into the juicy hamburger with a knife, cheese oozes out.

    [No.2] Generous Helping of French Fries 299 yen

    These crispy potato fries have been enjoyed by customers since the company first opened for business. Recommended for groups to share.

    [No.3] Omelet and Rice with Beef Stew Sauce Plate 699 yen

    Fluffy omelet on a bed of rice covered with a thick beef stew and red wine sauce. The beef is cooked until it is very soft. Comes with a side salad.
    ※ Availability and prices vary depending on the restaurant.[2015年5月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】チーズINハンバーグ 499円


    【No.2】ポテトフライ(山盛り) 299円


    【No.3】オムライスビーフシチューソースプレート 699円



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  • Origin Bento

    [From April Issue 2015]

    Origin Bento, a shop that sells side dishes and obento (pack lunches) to go, has a total of 566 stores in the Kanto and Kansai areas. There are more than 30 varieties of obento box available. The company prides itself on preparing dishes in store with healthy seasonal ingredients rich in nutrients that contain no artificial colorings or preservatives. Side dishes are arranged on a large platter in a glass display case at the counter and can be bought for 183 yen per 100 grams. The menu is altered according to the season.

    [No. 1] Nori (Seaweed) Bento 299 yen

    Okaka (bonito flakes), nori, and deep fried fish are served on a bed of rice. This standard bento dish is popular with people of all ages.

    [No. 2] Nori Deep Fried Chicken Bento 399 yen

    Deep fried chicken with a side serving of cabbage served on a bed of rice topped with okaka and nori.

    [No. 3] Half a Serving of the Recommended Daily Vegetable Intake
    Six Stir-fried Vegetables Bento 504 yen

    Cabbage, bell peppers, onions, carrots, komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), and moyashi (bean sprouts) stir-fried in soy sauce. A flavor you’ll never tire of. Only available in the Kanto area.
    Origin Bento[2015年4月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】のり弁当 299円


    【No.2】のりチキン竜田弁当 399円


    【No.3】一日に必要な野菜の半分使用 6品目の野菜炒め弁当 504円



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  • Chinese Restaurant Bamiyan

    [From March Issue 2015]

    “Chinese Restaurant Bamiyan” is a chain of 342 restaurants. They offer not only standard dishes like gyoza (dumplings with minced pork and vegetable stuffing) and ramen (Chinese noodles in soup), but also authentic Chinese food like Peking duck. Seasonal fare dishes are made with high quality ingredients and are available for a limited period only. With set menus you can eat for a reasonable price. English menu available.

    [No. 1] Authentic Grilled Gyoza 239 yen

    Made in house, these dumplings are fried to a crispy finish on one side. Wrapped in a springy case, the filling is as juicy as xiaolongbao soup dumplings. Delicious even without any dipping sauce.

    [No. 2] Bamiyan Ramen 449 yen

    Traditional ramen in soy sauce, chicken bone and dried bonito broth. Pork fat and garlic create a subtle flavor.

    [No. 3] Fried Rice 499 yen

    Frying the rice almost to the point of burning it brings out its delicious taste, pleasant aroma and fine texture. Unlimited soup refills come with this dish.
    Chinese Restaurant Bamiyan[2015年3月号掲載記事]

    「中華レストラン バーミヤン」は342店舗を展開する中華料理のチェーン店。ぎょうざやラーメンなど手軽なものから北京ダックなど本格的な料理まで取りそろえている。高級食材を使った期間限定フェアも開催しており、その時期だけのメニューも楽しめる。コース料理を含め、どれも手頃な価格で食べられる。メニューには英語も掲載。

    【No.1】本格焼餃子 239円


    【No.2】バーミヤンラーメン 449円


    【No.3】チャーハン 499円


    中華レストラン バーミヤン

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  • Hotto Motto

    [From February Issue 2015]

    “Hotto Motto” is a chain of 2,700 stores that sells take-out lunch boxes. The company has shops in Korea and China as well as in Japan. Many people choose to buy take-out here because of the reasonable prices and variety on offer. Since all the cooking is done in-store, customers can savour the delicious taste of a freshly-made lunch. Box lunches with smaller portions of rice are also on sale. Orders can be made in advance on the Internet. A delivery service is available.

    [No. 1] Seaweed Lunch Box 306 yen

    Layered on top of a bed of steaming rice is “okaka kombu” (finely chopped dried-bonito and kelp boiled in soy sauce and sugar) and dried seaweed produced in Japan. The dish is topped off with fried chikuwa (tubular rolls of boiled fish paste) and fried white fish meat.

    [No. 2] Fried Chicken Lunch Box 408 yen

    This crispy fried chicken and vegetable dish is seasoned with a special ginger, garlic and soy sauce dressing.

    [No. 3] Fried Pork and Vegetable Lunch Box 463 yen.

    Cabbages, carrots, onions, edamame (soy beans), bean sprouts and pork fried in a special sauce.
    Hotto Motto[2015年2月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】のり弁当 306円


    【No.2】から揚弁当 408円


    【No.3】肉野菜炒め弁当 463円



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  • Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut

    [From January Issue 2015]

    “Champon” is a dish of pork, seafood and vegetables cooked together in a soup. Including its overseas branches, there are more than 650 “Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut” stores. In addition to smaller sized champon served with plenty of vegetables, there are a wide range of varieties available to choose from. Popular too are gyouza (fried dumplings) that have a casing made from a mixture that contains rice powder. Flour, rice powder and vegetables are all made in-house. No preservatives or artificial colors are used. A set menu is also available for children.

    [No. 1] Plenty of Vegetables Champon 680 yen

    A 480 gram serving of seven kinds of vegetables are used in this champon. Compared to regular Nagasaki champon, double the quantity of cabbage, bean sprouts, and onion is used. A bowl of this champon provides the correct amount of vegetables (350 grams) a person needs per day.

    [No. 2] Nagasaki Champon 540 yen

    This standard dish at Ringerhut is made with 255 grams of vegetables. Many people order this dish together with gyouza.

    [No. 3] Nagasaki Sara Udon 580 yen

    Together with Nagasaki champon, this is one of the company’s trademark dishes. Slathered in a thick starchy sauce, this dish is poured onto a bed of deep-fried crispy thin noodles.
    Prices quoted are for eastern Japan.
    Nagasaki Champon Ringerhut[2015年1月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】野菜たっぷりちゃんぽん 680円


    【No.2】長崎ちゃんぽん 540円


    【No.3】長崎皿うどん 580円



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  • サイゼリヤ

    [From Decemberber Issue 2014]
    “Italian Wine & Cafe Restaurant Saizeriya” have over 1,000 branches both in Japan and overseas. The interiors are decorated in an Italian style and wines, olive oil and cheeses are imported from Italy. Even if they eat there every day, customers never tire of the simple seasoning and reasonable prices. Easily complimenting the main dishes, the soups, side dishes, wine, and soft drinks are particularly good value. In addition to Italian food, gratin, hamburger steaks, and more, are also on the menu.

    [No. 1] Doria (baked rice and cheese gratin-style) Milanese, 299 yen

    One third of customers order this. Building on 40 years of ongoing research, the dish has been repeatedly improved upon. The rich meat sauce and white sauce is popular.

    [No. 2] Shrimp Salad, 299 yen

    Salad topped with tender deep-water shrimps. After being harvested, the lettuce is kept at a temperature of four degrees centigrade and is chopped before being delivered to restaurants.

    [No. 3] Spicy Hot Chicken, 299 yen

    After being dipped in sauce, the chicken is seasoned with an original blend of spices. It’s popular for its juiciness and crispy texture. Since it has a mild taste, children can eat it, too.
    Price includes tax.

    「イタリアンワイン&カフェレストラン サイゼリヤ」は海外を含め千店舗以上を展開。店内の内装やインテリアはイタリア風になっており、ワイン、オリーブオイル、チーズなどは現地から輸入している。毎日食べてもあきないよう、味付けはシンプルに、手頃な価格で提供しているのが特徴。特にスープ、おつまみ、ワイン、ドリンクバーはメインの料理と組合せやすいように価格設定されている。イタリア料理に限らず、グラタンやハンバーグなどのメニューもある。

    【No.1】ミラノ風ドリア 299円


    【No.2】小エビのサラダ 299円


    【No.3】辛味チキン 299円


    Price includes tax.

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  • 無添 くら寿司

    [From Novemberber Issue 2014]

    This conveyor belt sushi chain has more than 330 restaurants. A characteristic of the store is that no additives, such as artificial flavorings, are used with their ingredients. Seventy kinds of sushi can be eaten there for just 100 yen a plate. Besides sushi, the menu offers such items as ramen and tendon (tempura and rice in a bowl), made with well-prepared fish stock and other ingredients. After the meal, you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and a wide variety of desserts.

    [No. 1] Cured Natural Tuna: 100 yen

    Both time and effort goes into the curing process, thus bringing out the umami flavors of the tuna. This is popular both among men and women of all ages.

    [No. 2] Salmon: 100 yen

    This is especially popular with women and children. It’s also popular with hot cheese sauce or sliced onion on top.

    [No. 3] Yellowtail: 100 yen

    The method of preservation and mouthfeel are adjusted to suit the palates of local residents. In addition, on delivery, the fish is sliced in-store.
    Additive Free Kurazushi[2014年11月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】熟成【天然】まぐろ 100円


    【No.2】サーモン 100円


    【No.3】はまち 100円


    無添 くら寿司

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