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Jaguar International Corporation
Inkjet printers are useful for printing text created on a PC and pictures taken by digital cameras. By using thread in place of ink, and fabric instead of paper, perhaps it’s possible to create something with more warmth. With this thought in mind, Jaguar International Corporation developed a product called the “Embroidery Printer.”
This product synthesizes an embroidery machine with software and comes with 120 pre-installed designs. If you connect the machine to a PC on which its software is installed, you can easily create original one-of-a-kind pieces of embroidery. It’s possible to embroider not only pre-installed patterns, but also pictures drawn on painting software, photos, and letters in the fonts you have installed on your PC.
“Other companies’ embroidery machines tended to be expensive because they had a liquid crystal panel and a built-in computer to control the movement of fabric. Our machine, however, is connected to a PC. That’s why we could set the price low, which has helped increase the number of fans enjoying embroidery,” says MURASAKI Shunsuke of the Planning Division.
“It’s necessary to have a PC in order to operate this embroidery machine. So we were careful to make the software easy to operate, even for those who aren’t adept with a PC. In addition, for the elderly, and others who are not used to using a mouse and keyboard, we made the software compatible with tablets,” says Murasaki emphasizing that ease of use was a top priority with this product.
Comments have come flooding in from those who have used this machine, such as: “Because it came with embroidery software, I could try my hand at creating original patterns.” People also appreciate not only the fact that the software comes with a wide variety of fonts and patterns, but also that the software takes you through each step of the process so it’s easy to use even for those who don’t know much about PCs.
Since being released on the market in 2007, the company has sold a total of hundreds of thousands of embroidery machines in over 25 countries. “Embroidery club” communities have spontaneously sprung up overseas. “It seems that a new kind of network is popular; through the Internet, users who are separated by distance can exchange their creative efforts,” says Murasaki.
“It’s possible to express yourself through embroidery and users find pleasure through sharing their work. I’d like to encourage people to share that sense of joy and fun,” says Murasaki. These embroidery machines will be used in more and more settings, not only as “a machine that easily creates pictures with thread and fabric” but also as “a communication tool.”
Jaguar International Corporation
Text: ITO Koichi[2014年2月号掲載記事]


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