[From March Issue 2010]

After Lehman’s fall, the number of Japanese tourists decreased due to the global depression. Travel companies are now developing new destinations to increase tourism. A Japanese travel company is planning “Global Warming Experience Tours,” taking advantage of the continued trend for eco tours. Hiragana Times CIA interviewed Ms. ONCHI Miyuki, the manager in charge of the plan.

CIA: What is the exact meaning of “Global Warming Experience Tours”?

Mgr.: As you know, abnormal phenomenon are occurring everywhere on the earth. The purpose of these tours is to provide an opportunity to visit the places suffering greatly from global warming, in order to really feel the global crisis. For instance, take a tour to Tuvalu, a little island in the Pacific Ocean, which is sinking due to rising water. The participants will stay and live together with the local people.

CIA: Isn’t that taking advantage of unfortunate people?

Mgr.: Not at all! You should know that our tourists spend money there and as a result the locals will profit. Nothing gets resolved by merely sympathizing with the m, something must be done, and this will help their livelihood. We are planning on sending great numbers of tourists to those places in cooperation with travel companies worldwide.

CIA: What other tours are being offered?

Mgr.: There is a large Australian lake that dried up and became a desert, which tourists can cross by foot. In Brazil, there is a camp site where the forest has been completely raised. There are also many other destinations, including Northern Europe where falling ice can be seen.

CIA: Recently the world has started to take global warming more seriously. Do you think you can carry out your plan?

Mgr.: At COP15 it became obvious that it is hard to calm some countries egos. After all, CO2 emissions are not decreasing.

CIA: Do you think some positive changes will result from the success of such tours?

Mgr.: Ironically, the more an area suffers, the more tourists will visit it. Their CO2 complaints will stop, and instead, they will welcome CO2 emitting nations. If CO2 restrictions are abolished, CO2 manufacturing countries will be more productive and consequently the income of their workers will grow and they will have more opportunities to travel. There is no doubt that the tourists from CO2 emitting countries visiting suffering areas will increase, and all parties will be happy. Don’t you think that this is a wonderful plan?

One Comment from CIA

Dear Readers, have you heard of the book “The Spider’s Thread” written by AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke, in which he describes how Buddha pulls one person out of Hell and up to Heaven by a single spider thread for showing compassion. Upon climbing up, the person notices many others following him, so fearing the thread breaking and his descent back into Hell, he shouts, “Get off.” Suddenly the thread breaks in front of him and he plunges back down into Hell again. So readers, please be aware of just how fragile our ecological thread really is.

* CIA(Cynically Insulting Agency)


リーマン・ショック以後、世界的な不況で日本人観光客が少なくなった。旅行会社は観光客を増やそうと新しい観光地を開発している。最近はエコツアーの人気が続いていることに目を付けた日本のある旅行会社が、「温暖化体験ツアー」を企画している。Hiragana Times CIAは、その企画の責任者、温地みゆき部長にインタビューした。




部長:とんでもない! いいですか、観光客はそこでお金を使うので、現地の人はうるおうのです。行動を起こさず、ただかわいそうだと同情するだけでは何も起こりません。何かをしなければなりません。これは現地の生活を助けることになります。私たちは、これらの場所に世界中の旅行会社と一緒にたくさんのお客を送る計画を立てています。









* CIA(Cynically Insulting Agency /皮肉冗談局)

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