Hotto Motto

[From February Issue 2015]

“Hotto Motto” is a chain of 2,700 stores that sells take-out lunch boxes. The company has shops in Korea and China as well as in Japan. Many people choose to buy take-out here because of the reasonable prices and variety on offer. Since all the cooking is done in-store, customers can savour the delicious taste of a freshly-made lunch. Box lunches with smaller portions of rice are also on sale. Orders can be made in advance on the Internet. A delivery service is available.

[No. 1] Seaweed Lunch Box 306 yen

Layered on top of a bed of steaming rice is “okaka kombu” (finely chopped dried-bonito and kelp boiled in soy sauce and sugar) and dried seaweed produced in Japan. The dish is topped off with fried chikuwa (tubular rolls of boiled fish paste) and fried white fish meat.

[No. 2] Fried Chicken Lunch Box 408 yen

This crispy fried chicken and vegetable dish is seasoned with a special ginger, garlic and soy sauce dressing.

[No. 3] Fried Pork and Vegetable Lunch Box 463 yen.

Cabbages, carrots, onions, edamame (soy beans), bean sprouts and pork fried in a special sauce.
Hotto Motto[2015年2月号掲載記事]


【No.1】のり弁当 306円


【No.2】から揚弁当 408円


【No.3】肉野菜炒め弁当 463円



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