[From May Issue 2015]

“Gusto” is Japan’s only family restaurant chain to have a branch in every single prefecture. The number of these stores exceeds 1,350. Here you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes for a reasonable price. The chain started as a self-service drink bar. Gusto is a community restaurant with close regional ties. There is also a sister chain of restaurants called “Steak Gusto” that focuses on steaks and hamburgers.

[No.1] Cheese IN Hamburger 499 yen

One of Gusto’s signature dishes. Four kinds of cheese, including camembert and mozzarella, are used. When you cut into the juicy hamburger with a knife, cheese oozes out.

[No.2] Generous Helping of French Fries 299 yen

These crispy potato fries have been enjoyed by customers since the company first opened for business. Recommended for groups to share.

[No.3] Omelet and Rice with Beef Stew Sauce Plate 699 yen

Fluffy omelet on a bed of rice covered with a thick beef stew and red wine sauce. The beef is cooked until it is very soft. Comes with a side salad.
※ Availability and prices vary depending on the restaurant.[2015年5月号掲載記事]


【No.1】チーズINハンバーグ 499円


【No.2】ポテトフライ(山盛り) 299円


【No.3】オムライスビーフシチューソースプレート 699円



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