Easy-to-wear Armor Experience(手軽に甲冑体験)

Kotora-tei (Akihabara, Tokyo) is a shop that offers unique experiences to non-Japanese visitors. Here you can become a ninja by throwing shuriken at a target (500 yen) or have your photo taken wearing samu-rai armor (5,000 yen). Armor can be worn over your clothes and it takes only eight minutes for you to put it on. There is also an area where you can dispatch a postcard with an ukiyoe (woodblock print) com-memorating your visit to Japan by airmail (450 yen). Admission is free of charge.

小寅亭( 東京・秋葉原) は体験をテーマにした訪日外国人向けの店。ここでは手裏剣を的に向かって投げる忍者体験(500 円)や侍の鎧、甲冑を身につけての写真撮影(5,000 円)ができる。甲冑は服の上から着られるので8 分で変身可能。また、訪日記念に浮世絵柄のポストカードをエアメールで送れるコーナーも(450 円)。入場無料


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