Meiji-mura Museum

This outdoor museum has a collection of rare architecture built in the Meiji era (19th to 20th centuries). This year it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Here you can enjoy a light meal at the former Imperial Hotel built by the distinguished American architect Frank Lloyd WRIGHT. Steam locomotives, retro Kyoto trams, and buses are operated every day, and can be used to move around the vast grounds. Many seasonal events are held, including sessions where visitors can wear kimono or hakama and have a commemorative photo taken. It is often used as a location for movies.

  • Access: 20-minute bus ride from Inuyama Station on the Meitetsu Inuyama Line. Near the Meiji-mura bus stop.
  • Business hours: from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (hours differ depending on the season)
  • Closed days: August 4, 18, 25, December 31, every Monday from December to February. Closed on some days in January for maintenance.
  • Admittance: 1,700 yen for adults (aged 18 and over). 2,700 yen for a ticket with a one-day pass for rides.

Meiji-mura Museum

  • 交通:名鉄犬山線犬山駅から路線バス明治村行き20分、下車すぐ。
  • 営業時間:午前9時30分~午後5時(季節によって時間帯の変更あり)
  • 休村日:8月4日、18日、25日、12月31日、12~2月の毎週月曜日。1月に数日間メンテナンス休日あり。
  • 入村料:大人(18歳以上)1,700円、乗り物一日券付きは2,700円

博物館 明治村

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