• サイゼリヤ

    [From Decemberber Issue 2014]
    “Italian Wine & Cafe Restaurant Saizeriya” have over 1,000 branches both in Japan and overseas. The interiors are decorated in an Italian style and wines, olive oil and cheeses are imported from Italy. Even if they eat there every day, customers never tire of the simple seasoning and reasonable prices. Easily complimenting the main dishes, the soups, side dishes, wine, and soft drinks are particularly good value. In addition to Italian food, gratin, hamburger steaks, and more, are also on the menu.

    [No. 1] Doria (baked rice and cheese gratin-style) Milanese, 299 yen

    One third of customers order this. Building on 40 years of ongoing research, the dish has been repeatedly improved upon. The rich meat sauce and white sauce is popular.

    [No. 2] Shrimp Salad, 299 yen

    Salad topped with tender deep-water shrimps. After being harvested, the lettuce is kept at a temperature of four degrees centigrade and is chopped before being delivered to restaurants.

    [No. 3] Spicy Hot Chicken, 299 yen

    After being dipped in sauce, the chicken is seasoned with an original blend of spices. It’s popular for its juiciness and crispy texture. Since it has a mild taste, children can eat it, too.
    Price includes tax.

    「イタリアンワイン&カフェレストラン サイゼリヤ」は海外を含め千店舗以上を展開。店内の内装やインテリアはイタリア風になっており、ワイン、オリーブオイル、チーズなどは現地から輸入している。毎日食べてもあきないよう、味付けはシンプルに、手頃な価格で提供しているのが特徴。特にスープ、おつまみ、ワイン、ドリンクバーはメインの料理と組合せやすいように価格設定されている。イタリア料理に限らず、グラタンやハンバーグなどのメニューもある。

    【No.1】ミラノ風ドリア 299円


    【No.2】小エビのサラダ 299円


    【No.3】辛味チキン 299円


    Price includes tax.

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  • 無添 くら寿司

    [From Novemberber Issue 2014]

    This conveyor belt sushi chain has more than 330 restaurants. A characteristic of the store is that no additives, such as artificial flavorings, are used with their ingredients. Seventy kinds of sushi can be eaten there for just 100 yen a plate. Besides sushi, the menu offers such items as ramen and tendon (tempura and rice in a bowl), made with well-prepared fish stock and other ingredients. After the meal, you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee and a wide variety of desserts.

    [No. 1] Cured Natural Tuna: 100 yen

    Both time and effort goes into the curing process, thus bringing out the umami flavors of the tuna. This is popular both among men and women of all ages.

    [No. 2] Salmon: 100 yen

    This is especially popular with women and children. It’s also popular with hot cheese sauce or sliced onion on top.

    [No. 3] Yellowtail: 100 yen

    The method of preservation and mouthfeel are adjusted to suit the palates of local residents. In addition, on delivery, the fish is sliced in-store.
    Additive Free Kurazushi[2014年11月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】熟成【天然】まぐろ 100円


    【No.2】サーモン 100円


    【No.3】はまち 100円


    無添 くら寿司

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  • 天丼てんや

    [From October Issue 2014]

    This store specializes in tempura and tendon (a bowl of rice topped with tempura and covered in a salty-sweet sauce). Freshly fried and reasonably priced tempura can be eaten here. There are 145 stores around the capital and five overseas stores. The tempura oil used is 100% vegetable oil which has zero cholesterol. Rice, soba (thin buckwheat noodles), or udon (thick wheat noodles), can be added to a set meal for an additional fee. Takeaway is available as well.

    [No. 1] Tendon (regular portion) 500 yen

    Signature dish with prawn, squid, sand borer (a kind of whiting fish), pumpkin, and kidney beans tempura topping. Unchanged since the business was established 26 years ago, this is the most popular item on the menu.

    [No. 2] The Original All-Star Tendon (regular portion) 720 yen

    Rice bowl topped with prawn, large squid, scallop, maitake mushroom, lotus root, and eggplant tempura. This combination of fish and vegetable tempura is popular among their tempura.

    [No. 3] Vegetable Tendon (regular portion) 500 yen

    This tempura bowl has six kinds of vegetable tempura toppings (eggplant, maitake mushrooms, lotus root, sweet potato, pumpkin, and kidney beans). It’s possible to enjoy the changing colors and textures of the vegetables according to the season.
    All prices include sales tax.
    TEMPURA TENDON TENYA[2014年10月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】天丼(並盛) 500円


    【No.2】元祖オールスター天丼(並盛) 720円


    【No.3】野菜天丼(並盛) 500円



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  • ローソン

    [From September Issue 2014]

    Founded in 1975, Lawson was the first chain of convenience stores to open branches in every prefecture in Japan. Currently, it has over 10,000 stores nationwide and another 500 stores overseas. Especially popular is the “Uchi Café SWEETS Premium Roll Cake” series, which Lawson started selling in 2009. There are also “Natural Lawson” stores that focus on healthy and environmentally-friendly products.

    [No. 1] Pure Roll Cake 152 Yen

    This cake features a very fine spongy texture, a subtle sweetness and exceptionally thick and full bodied fresh cream. Only domestic ingredients are used.

    [No. 2] Bran Rolls (Two-Piece Set) 116 Yen

    Catering to health conscious customers concerned about their sugar intake, these bread rolls are made from wheat bran. Versions are also available with cheese and chocolate fillings.

    [No. 3] Rice Ball Shop “Seared Salmon Steak” 138 Yen

    As if it were handmade, this rice ball is plump and soft. The taste of the fatty salmon can be enjoyed from the very first bite.

    1975年創業。コンビニ業界で初めて日本国内すべての都道府県に出店したコンビニエンスストア。日本全国に1万以上の店舗が、世界に約500店舗がある。2009年から販売する「Uchi Café SWEETSプレミアムロールケーキ」シリーズは特に人気。健康や自然に配慮した「ナチュラルローソン」もある。

    【No.1】ピュアロールケーキ 152円


    【No.2】ブランパン2個入 116円





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  • やよい軒

    [From August Issue 2014]

    Yayoiken is a “teishoku” restaurant with more than 250 branches in Japan and over 100 outlets overseas. Teishoku is a well-balanced set meal comprising of Japanese staple foods, including cooked rice, miso soup and side dishes. Great care is taken over the ingredients and food is served in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Extra helpings of rice are served free to those who order a teishoku or a breakfast from the menu.

    [No. 1] Stir-fried ginger pork teishoku: 538 yen

    Soft strips of pork rib are fried in a special sauce made with soy sauce, ginger and apple juice.

    [No. 2] Chicken nanban (early European style) teishoku: 639 yen

    “Chicken nanban,” a local specialty from Miyazaki Prefecture, prepared as teishoku. Plenty of sweet vinegar sauce and tartar sauce is slathered onto dark juicy chicken meat.

    [No. 3] Fried pork and vegetables: 639 yen

    Full bodied delicious tender pork ribs fried in a special soy-based sauce with plenty of vegetables, including cabbage, carrot, onion and bean sprouts.


    【No.1】しょうが焼定食 538円

    コクと旨味のあるやわらかい豚バラ肉を 、しょうゆ、ショウガ、リンゴ果汁などが入った風味豊かな特製タレで炒めた定食。

    【No.2】チキン南蛮定食 639円


    【No.3】肉野菜炒め定食 639円



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  • カレーハウスCoCo壱番屋

    [From July Issue 2014]

    In business since 1978, this restaurant specializes in curry rice. They have over 1,200 restaurants nationwide and over 100 restaurants abroad. You can choose how spicy you want your curry to be and how much rice to have. Moreover, since you are free to choose from the 40 topping varieties, you can make your own original curry to suit your own tastes.

    [No. 1] Pork Cutlet Curry 700 yen (721 yen in some areas)

    This generously sized crisp pork loin cutlet is an outstanding match with the curry sauce.

    [No. 2] Vegetable Curry 648 yen (669 yen in some areas)

    Traditional Japanese-style curry with plenty of vegetables, including, potatoes, carrots and onions.

    [No. 3] Beef Curry 597 yen

    The popular full-bodied beef sauce is carefully cooked for a full flavor. But it can be altered to become a hashed beef curry.
    Price includes tax.
    CURRY HOUSE CoCo Ichibanya[2014年7月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】ロースカツカレー 700円(一部の地域では721円)


    【No.2】やさいカレー 648円(一部の地域では669円)


    【No.1】ビーフカレー 597円



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  • セブン‐イレブン

    [From June Issue 2014]

    Seven-Eleven was the very first convenience store in Japan. The franchise has expanded and now there are over 16,000 stores all over the country; approximately double the number of stores in the United States. One of the hit products is onigiri (rice balls). Seven-Eleven was the first in the industry to start selling temaki (DIY hand-rolled) onigiri, and they currently sell 1.88 billion onigiri annually. Their original products are also very popular.

    [No. 1] Gu Tappuri Temaki Tuna Mayonnaise (Hand-rolled Tuna Mayonnaise With a Generous Filling) 102 yen

    A long time favorite product first put on the market by Seven-Eleven. Particular care is taken over the freshness of the eggs used in the mayonnaise.

    [No. 2] Temaki Onigiri Beni Shake (Hand-rolled Red Salmon Onigiri) 130 yen

    Though salmon is a standard filling, this onigiri is filled only with natural red salmon for a rich umami (savory) flavor. A lot of time and effort is devoted to making this product; after seasoning the salmon with salt to bring out the umami flavors, it is baked slowly and carefully, and then crumbled by hand.

    [No. 3] Jikamaki Omusubi Torigomoku (Wrapped Rice Balls Mixed with Chicken and Vegetables) 112 yen

    This product is brimming with the umami taste of chicken and vegetables. Prepared to have a salty-sweet flavor, the rice is wrapped in a sheet of dried seaweed. Many customers are fans of this signature product.


    【No.1】具たっぷり手巻ツナマヨネーズ 102円


    【No.2】手巻おにぎり 紅しゃけ 130円


    【No.3】直巻おむすび とり五目 112円



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  • デニーズ

    [From May Issue 2014]

    This family restaurant franchise has expanded so that there are now around 380 restaurants nationwide. In addition to hamburger steaks, steaks and salads, there are many items available on the menu including Japanese cuisine and desserts. Dishes that contain seasonal ingredients are especially popular. You can also eat at home by ordering online from “Ouchi Denny’s” (Denny’s at home).

    [No. 1] Cajun Jambalaya & Hamburger Steak with BBQ Sauce 1,088 yen

    This generous portion of jambalaya (a type of American Cajun dish) contains a variety of spices, including cumin and oregano, and is served with a hamburger steak slathered with barbecue sauce.

    [No. 2] Avocado Hamburger Steak – Salad Style 848 yen

    A beef and pork ground tender hamburger patty steak served with plenty of vegetables, including avocado, tomato, lettuce, broccoli and onions.

    [No. 3] Caramel Honey Pancakes – Large Serving 467 yen

    These pancakes are thick and fluffy. Served with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, honey, and crushed almonds, they taste great.
    Price does not include sales tax


    【No.1】ケイジャンジャンバラヤ&ハンバーグBBQソース 1,088円


    【No.2】アボカドハンバーグ~サラダ仕立て 848円


    【No.3】キャラメルハニーパンケーキ Tallサイズ 467円



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  • モスバーガー

    [From April Issue 2014]

    MOS BURGER is a chain of hamburger restaurants that was established in Japan in 1972. Now they have more than 1,400 outlets countrywide and more than 300 outlets overseas. They specialize in dishes that incorporate Japanese cuisine, such as the Teriyaki Burger in which miso (bean paste) and soy sauce is used, and MOS Rice Burger, in which rice is used for the bun.

    [No. 1] MOS Burger 330 yen.

    Popular for combining savory meat sauce, the sourness of tomato and fresh onion. Since Mos was established this has been representative product of MOS BURGER.

    [No. 2] Teriyaki Chicken Burger 330 yen.

    This burger contains a chicken leg slathered in a soy sauce marinade that is grilled in store over a hot flame so that the excess fat drips from the meat creating a crispy skin and juicy meat.

    [No. 3] Teriyaki Burger 330 yen.

    This burger is stuffed with lettuce – that as far as possible has been domestically produced without depending on pesticides and chemical fertilizers – and contains a teriyaki sauce made of miso and soy sauce.
    *The prices are for this point of time, March 20, 2014, tax included.
    MOS BURGER[2014年4月号掲載記事]


    【No.1】モスバーガー 330円。


    【No.2】テリヤキチキンバーガー 330円。


    【No.3】テリヤキバーガー 330円。



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  • ファミリーマート



    【No.1】ファミチキ 160円




    【No.3】肉まん 110円

    ファミリーマート[:en][From March Issue 2014]

    FamilyMart is the first chain of convenience stores to be founded in Japan. There are approximately 10,000 stores nationwide, but worldwide there are approximately 23,000 stores, most of them in Southeast and East Asia. The company’s wide range of desserts is popular, as well as its selection of fried food available at the register.

    [No. 1] Fami Chiki 160 yen

    Fried chicken with a crunchy outer coating and soft, juicy meat. It’s boneless and easy to eat, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

    [No. 2] Famima Premium Chicken (on the bone) 180 yen

    Fried chicken characterized by the sweet aroma of herbs and spices, the particular texture of its meat and its thin, crispy coating. So delicious it holds its own even when compared to fried chicken offered at specialty restaurants.

    [No. 3] Niku-man (Steamed bun with meat filling) 110 yen

    One of several Chinese-style steamed buns, it contains a mixture of pork and other meats which is juicy and tasty. Even just one niku-man makes a filling and a satisfying treat.

    Prices and availability are subject to location and time of year.

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