• The best cooking experience in Asakusa(サクラホステル浅草、シェアキッチンサービスを提供)

    SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA, located in the historic area of Tokyo’s Taito Ward (one of the five hotels of SAKURA HOTEL CO.) offers its guests a unique feature; a shared kitchen space. At the kitchen, guests from more than 100 countries with different backgrounds can meet, enjoy cooking, and eat together under the concept of “Eat from the same plate.

    [One Coin Cooking Party]
    Place: Sakura Kitchen in SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA, Tokyo
    Fee: 500 JPY/person

    Our goal is to provide guests with unforgettable memories and experience in Tokyo.



    場所:サクラホステル浅草 1階キッチン
    〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草2丁目24-2

    Contact Us

    Company: SAKURA HOTEL CO.
    Agents: Taguri, Ochiai, Nishimura
    e-mail: info@sakura-hostel.co.jp
    TEL: 03-3847-8111
    URL: https://www.sakura-hotel.co.jp/


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  • TENVIS HR WITH 24/7 HEART RATE MONITORING(多彩な機能を実現した多機能スマートウェアラブルウォッチ「Tenvis HR」)

    ・Integrated USB Charger
    Tenvis HR completely revolutionized the way fitness trackers should be designed. Hidden beneath the strap is an integrated USB charger which allows for easy charging at any USB ports. No more wires!

    ・24/7 Heart Rate Monitor
    No gimmicks. Tenvis HR measures your heart rate 24 hours a day. It turns on automatically when placed on your wrist. Get insights of your health with our beautifully curated graphical analysis overview.

    ・Full HD Color Screen
    Display vivid colors on the large 0.96″ OLED screen. Fully customizable with different layouts and background images.

    健康管理のパートナーに! 全体的なフィットネスレベルを把握することが健康の第一歩

    ・【健康管理のパートナーに!】 全体的なフィットネスレベルを把握することが健康の第一歩。 Tenvis HRを使用すれば日々のフィットネス目標を達成しやすくなります。
    ・【24時間心拍数モニター】 Tenvis HRは心拍数を24時間測定します。手首に付けると自動的にオンになります。グラフィカルな分析データを毎日確認できるので、より安定した健康管理が可能です。また、モチベーションを維持しながら、カロリーを燃焼させるダイエットにも効果的。
    ・【睡眠パターンモニタリング】 睡眠パターンを監視し、睡眠の質を高めることができます。 自動睡眠検出機能を使うことで、より良い睡眠習慣を身につけるのに役立ちます。また、手首の角度を学習し、横になると自動的にエコモードになり、起き上がるとオンになるので、バッテリー消費も抑えられます。
    ・【長持ちバッテリー&アプリ連動】 7日間データ保存し、フル充電で14日間という長持ちバッテリーを搭載。本体内蔵型のUSB充電なので、面倒なコードも不要で、USBポートに本体を直接差し込んで充電が可能です。 AndroidとiOSの両デバイスをサポートし、専用アプリを通じて自分の健康管理ができます。

    For inquiries

    Company Name: Oaxis Japan Ltd.
    Contact name:Tsai Zhiyang (サイ)
    TEL: 080-5513-4789
    E-Mail: zhiyang@oaxis.com
    URL: https://oaxis.com/en/

    Buy it now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07H1PZT67


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  • -Japanese Ryokan Style Hotel by redesigning existing cultures- “住亭 KIYOMIZU GOJO” will open in Kyoto in May 2019.(文化をリデザインした旅館風ホテル「住亭KIYOMIZU GOJO」が2019年5月京都にオープン!)

    住亭 KIYOMIZU GOJO will open on MAY in Kyoto’s famous tourist area Kiyomizu-gojo. Our hotel designs and interiors are inspired by Japanese traditional architecture. We offer modern Japanese style rooms with Omotenashi (hospitality philosophy of Japanese hospitality)

    About 住亭 STAY
    Redesigned modern Japanese style hotel where guests can feel and experience traditional atmosphere.
    住亭 offers new values and experiences by mixing Japanese old cultures and new cultures.




    For inquiries

    Official Site/公式ホームページ

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  • Charger Uses Electricity from Vending Machines(自動販売機の電力を使った充電器)

    You can find vending machines everywhere in Japan. A trial in which smartphones and tablets can be charged by utilizing the electricity from vending machines began this February in Tokyo. The charging service is provided via vending machines that bear the DyDo logo in ten locations throughout the city. Users simply connect their charger cables to the USB port on the side of machines. It’s possible to charge for a maximum of five minutes each time. The service is free of charge.



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  • Rental Hijabs in Japanese Patterns(和柄ヒジャブのレンタル開始)

    From February, hijabs (scarves worn by Muslim women) will be available to rent from Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata (Kyoto City). The service was begun in response to calls from Muslim tourists to Japan who mentioned that they would enjoy wearing a hijab that coordinates well with a kimono. The shop offers hijabs in about 20 different patterns, including a typical Japanese cherry blossom motif. The rental fee is 500 yen. In summer they also offer lace hijabs that work well in that season.

    2月から和柄ヒジャブ(イスラム教徒の女性が 身につけるスカーフ)のレンタルが 京都着物レンタル夢館(京都市)にて始まった。着物に合うヒジャブのコーディネートを楽しみたいという訪日ムスリム観光客の声を受けた。日本らしい桜の柄など、約20種類。 料金500 円。夏にはレースを使った夏用ヒジャブのレンタルも行う。

    For Details

    Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata Gojo Shop

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  • Opportunity to increase your income using you skills(あなたのスキルを活かしてみませんか)

    YAC-Nippon have provided business connections between Japanese companies and foreigners since 2003.

    Due to the globalization these days, more and more Japanese companies are expanding their businesses to the world. Because of this, skills and opinions of foreigners become important for their development in various fields.

    Up to the present, we have been receiving many requests from Japanese companies, such as providing foreigners who have skills necessary for their projects, or recruiting participants for the market research of new products and new services.
    This is a chance to make the best use of this opportunity.





    For Details:

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  • Oiran Experience at Professional Photo Studio(本格的なスタジオで花魁体験)

    “Asakusa Henshin Shashinkan – Studio Nanairo” in Taito City, Tokyo is a photo studio where you can have your photo taken wearing traditional Japanese clothes. It offers oiran (courtesan) photo sessions complete with hair and make-up sessions done by a professional. The price starts from 27,000 yen includ-ing sales tax. There are also plans for ninja and samu-rai experiences in which you can watch ninja perfor-mances. As an additional extra, you can have your photo taken outside.

    「浅草変身写真館 スタジオ七色」(東京都台東区)は、日本の伝統的な衣装を着て撮影できる写真スタジオ。プロによるヘアメーク付きで、花魁(位の高い遊女)に変身して写真を撮ってもらうことができる。27,000円(税込)より。また、忍者の演舞鑑賞付きで忍者や侍体験のプランもあり。オプションで外での撮影も可能。


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  • Easy-to-wear Armor Experience(手軽に甲冑体験)

    Kotora-tei (Akihabara, Tokyo) is a shop that offers unique experiences to non-Japanese visitors. Here you can become a ninja by throwing shuriken at a target (500 yen) or have your photo taken wearing samu-rai armor (5,000 yen). Armor can be worn over your clothes and it takes only eight minutes for you to put it on. There is also an area where you can dispatch a postcard with an ukiyoe (woodblock print) com-memorating your visit to Japan by airmail (450 yen). Admission is free of charge.

    小寅亭( 東京・秋葉原) は体験をテーマにした訪日外国人向けの店。ここでは手裏剣を的に向かって投げる忍者体験(500 円)や侍の鎧、甲冑を身につけての写真撮影(5,000 円)ができる。甲冑は服の上から着られるので8 分で変身可能。また、訪日記念に浮世絵柄のポストカードをエアメールで送れるコーナーも(450 円)。入場無料


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