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Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon: Super S Sailor 9 Senshi Shuketsu!
“Black Dream Hole no Kiseki (Miracle of the Black Dream Hole)”
(Directed by SHIBATA Hiroki)

Though originally created by TAKEUCHI Naoko for young girls, in the 90s this cartoon series even became popular with male and adult female readers. The series was then adapted into an animation for TV, a musical and a live action TV drama. Both the cartoon and animation series have been translated into numerous languages and are popular all around the globe.

Heroine TSUKINO Usagi and her junior high school friends, who in the story transform into sailor-suit wearing warriors in order to fight evil, have formed the model for female protagonists in anime ever since. A key part of Sailor Moon is Usagi’s catchphrase “Tsuki-ni Kawatte Oshioki-yo! (in the name of the moon, I will punish you!).”

Her fellow Sailors include MIZUNO Ami, HINO Rei, KINO Makoto and AINO Minako who also represent Mercury, Mars and other planets in the solar system. Other characters include Usagi’s boyfriend CHIBA Mamoru who disguises himself as Tuxedo Mask to protect the Sailor Senshi (warriors) and Usagi’s future daughter, Chibiusa who comes to the present from the 30th Century.

This animated film version was released in 1995. The story begins with Usagi, Chibiusa and others baking cookies together. They make fun of the ugly cookies that Chibiusa makes. Upset, Chibiusa takes her cookies and leaves the house.

Chibiusa meets a boy named Perle in front of a sweet shop. Perle plays music on his flute, making the cookies in the window display dance. Chibiusa befriends Perle and gives him the cookies she baked when they part. In the meantime, Usagi hears the news that children all around the world are mysteriously going missing in the dead of night.

That night, led by an alluring melody played on the flute, Chibiusa sleepwalks out of the house. Usagi and the girls follow her to discover all the kidnapped children in the town embarking aboard a huge flying ship. The source of the music is a boy named Poupelin, who is Perle’s older brother. The brothers were ordered by Queen Badiane, who is planning to take over the world, to take the children away to her castle in the sky.

Queen Badiane is using their “energy” to feed her “Black Dream Hole” that will eventually engulf the whole of the Earth. Perle who started to question Queen Badiane’s orders revolts against his brother Poupelin. Poupelin attacks the girls by manipulating weapons with his flute.

Usagi and her friends transform into Sailor Senshi. They follow the ship back to the castle with Perle, and then defeat Poupelin and the evil fairies. However, Queen Badiane, protected by a charm, tries to draw all of Chibiusa’s special energy.

Sailor Moon stands up to Queen Badiane alone, while the other Sailor Senshi channel their powers through her and finally succeed in destroying the queen. Finally Chibiusa is rescued.



美少女戦士セーラームーン Super S
セーラー9戦士集結! ブラック・ドリーム・ホールの奇跡










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