Hiragana Times Magazine (APP Version)

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APP version

The APP version allows you to read in the same layout as the print magazine, plus enjoy the unique APP reading experience. And of course, you can listen to the audio as well. And best of all, you can currently access back issues up to January 2013.

If you are a renewal customer, please note that since the infringement issue occurred, we stopped offering a PDF version with the monthly magazine subscription.

“Multilevel Text” Features of our App Version

  • You can view pages in “Japanese-only text” (with no English, no furigana, nor Glomaji text).
  • You can hear an audio version of “Close up Japan,” “Behind the Scenes,” “Casual Expressions,” “New Expressions & Buzzwords,” “JAPANese Notes,” and “Exploring JAPANese.”
  • The audio is recorded in easy-to-understand English and Japanese by professional narrators.
  • English and Japanese sentences are recorded alternately, sentence by sentence.
  • You can listen to the English and Japanese alternatively, to the Japanese only, or to the English only.
  • You can listen to the audio while reading the text using an iPad, Phone, or Android device.

* Please note that your App version subscription starts from the latest issue available, while your print version subscription starts from the next issue.
* Customers in Japan will be charged the consumption tax of Japan (10%).


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