Paid Survey and Paid Product Test Opportunities for Non-Japanese residents in Japan

You can Earn Pocket Money at Your Free Time!

Due to the fantastic response we have had from the foreign community and the quality of work being carried out, we are receiving more and more requests for foreigners to participate in survey.
We have assisted a growing number of leading Japanese companies, and product testers have been involved in everything from in-house testing of websites and mobile Internet platforms, to crash testing laptop computers.
Foreigners registering for our service include everyone from company managers, University students and software engineers, to Web designers, teachers and housewives.
Of course, all work is paid money and many foreign participants have been coming back for more.


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There are NO sign-up fees and registration takes only a few minutes.

Job Offer Cases

  • Paid Interview survey about Car Design Comparison
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Smoking
  • Paid Fishing experience survey in Iwate Prefecture
  • Paid Web Questionnaire “The opinion poll about Japanese food culture”
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for Japanese Cooking Lesson Evaluation
  • Paid Voice Evaluation Work
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Toilet
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Japan
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for Digital Product Evaluation
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for a Group Interview Regarding Ochazuke
  • Paid Web Questionnaire on JAPANESE SAUCE
  • Paid Printer Testing Monitors
  • And more…


  • 外国人の生活に関する意識調査
  • 外国人の化粧品HUT&インタビュー
  • 外国人の調理家電に関する意識調査
  • 外国人の喫煙に関する意識調査
  • 外国人の自動車デザイン評価
  • 外国人のトイレに関する意識調査
  • 外国人のラジオ番組に関する意識調査
  • 外国人の音声評価
  • 外国人の食品に対する意識調査
  • 外国人の日本に関する意識調査
  • 外国人の日本のサービスに関する意識調査
  • 外国人の民泊体験モニターツアー
  • その他多数実施しております


Register here today!

There are NO sign-up fees and registration takes only a few minutes.

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