Japanese Study

Super-effective Japanese Study The most powerful set for your Super-effective Japanese Learning

1. Super Japanese Textbooks

Our “Super Japanese Textbooks” are entirely different from conventional methods and has registered as a utility model with the Japan Patent Office.


  • Infants learn single words first, and later add other words to form sentences. In this manner you will first learn vocabulary necessary in your daily life.
  • You can communicate with Japanese people only using these words. Once you learn them you only have to put them together to make a sentence.
  • You can easily memorise vocabulary using our memory magic method.

2. JAPANese Workout

With Japanese study, the most important thing is to keep going. Since textbooks can be dull, many people lose interest. Since our first issue in 1986, Hiragana Times published articles that allow readers to learn the language while at the same learning about Japan from various angles. Furthermore, our articles are prized for being informative and entertaining.
Because of this, we have launched “JAPANese Workout” study method, which uses articles from the Hiragana Times archive reordered by theme. This will enable you to master Japanese also becoming an expert on Japan itself.

3. Hiragana Times Magazine

Hiragana Times is English-Japanese magazine that you can learn real Japan supported over 30 years by Japan fans of the world.
Innovative editing that you can learn the Japanese language at the same time.


  • Furigana (Hiragana) is placed on each kanji, and English word on katakana
  • English sentence blocks and Japanese sentence blocks are alternately displayed.
  • The articles are adopted in university entrance exams, school textbooks and more.

4. Online Super Japanese Lesson

We offer One-on-One Dynamic Japanese Lessons. Our certified “Super Japanese Instructors(R)” teach you “JAPANese” and “JapaNeeds “ with using our original ”Super Japanese Textbooks” and web-based platform through the personalized teaching approach.
Lesson Schedule is flexible that allows you to study at your own pace. Lessons are available and can be reserved and read the lesson records for 24 hours/365 days from our original web-based learning management system.