Super-effective Japanese Learning The most powerful set of tools to ensure a successful learning experience.

1. Groundbreaking Japanese Textbooks

Our groundbreaking Japanese Textbooks are written in-house in order to ensure that the quality of learning material is not only maintained but is entirely different from conventional and outdated alternatives. Our content is registered with the Japan Patent Office as a utility model for learning Japanese.


    • Communication with anyone can be achieved through the articulation of single words. We focus on achieving basic communication first in order to build confidence early on. You'll learn to form more complex sentences seamlessly as your confidence builds.
    • The material is based on the natural language learning method that children innately utilize. Students will focus on vocabulary first in order to mirror the natural progression of learning a language. Vocabulary can be easily attained through our memorization method, "Mama Method".
    • Once students reach an advanced level, they move on to our "Current Japanese" textbooks that utilize relative issues and topics. For example, "News Expressions & Buzzwords" are one of the units covered.

2. JAPANese Workout

When studying any language, consistency is the most important key to success. Many people start to waver in their studies due to dull textbooks and boring supplemental material. One of the reasons Hiragana Times has had consistent readers since our first issue in 1986 is because we publish relevant articles that intrigue people. They provide unique insights into the Japanese language and culture. Furthermore, our articles are prized for being just as informative as it is entertaining.
The culmination of these values is our “JAPANese Workout” material. This learning supplement uses articles from the Hiragana Times archives. It will not only enable you to master Japanese but also turn you into an expert on Japanese culture and all the nuances that enrich it.

3. Hiragana Times Magazine

Hiragana Times is an English-Japanese magazine that provides readers a chance to learn Japanese while experiencing all the enticing and controversial aspects of Japan. Our content has been supported by fans for over 30 years. It provides the foundation for and credibility from which we were able to create the learning tools that we can provide you today.


  • Furigana (Hiragana) is placed over each kanji and English is transcribed over katakana.
  • The text alternates between English sentence blocks and Japanese sentence blocks in order to provide direct translation.
  • Our articles have been adopted in university entrance exams, school textbooks all over the world.

4. HT Online Japanese Lessons

Our online Japanese training program was launched with the objective of breaking away from the conventional method of teaching Japanese that is so popular in today’s education industry. Hiragana Times Online Japanese Program utilizes revolutionary Japanese education material Super-J series that provides a successful online learning experience with clear deliverables.


  • One-on-One Dynamic Japanese Lessons with our certified "Super Japanese Instructors"
  • We utilize the dichotomic "JAPANese" and "JapaNeeds" learning methough through our original ”Super Japanese Textbooks”
  • The vehicle for realizing Japanese proficiency is our in-house made learning management system; Welife