Street Piano

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Street Piano

This refers to a piano that has been left in a public place, such as a train station, so that anybody can play. In the past few years these have appeared all over Japan and now more and more people have been making videos of performances and sharing them on social media. Many street pianos are colorfully painted.

sutori-to piano
Street Piano
えき など 公共こうきよう に 置いおいてあり、 
eki nado koukyou no ba ni oite ari,
(a) train station such as (a) public place in that has been left so that
だれ でも ける ピアノぴあののことです。
dare demo hikeru piano no koto desu.
anybody can play (a) piano (this) refers to
ここ数年すうねんで 全国ぜんこく各地かくち
koko suunenn de zennkoku kakuchi ni
in the past few years all over Japan
ひろがり、 演奏えんそうする様子ようすを 
hirogari, ennsou suru yousu wo
(these) have appeared and performances of
douga ni shi, SNS de
have been making videos and social media on
シェアしぇあする ひとが えました。
shea suru hito ga fue mashita.
sharing (them) people (now) more and more
ooku no sutori-to piano ga karafuru ni
many street pianos colorfully
peinnto sarete i masu.
are painted

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