• Opportunity to increase your income using you skills

    YAC-Nippon have provided business connections between Japanese companies and foreigners since 2003.

    Due to the globalization these days, more and more Japanese companies are expanding their businesses to the world. Because of this, skills and opinions of foreigners become important for their development in various fields.

    Up to the present, we have been receiving many requests from Japanese companies, such as providing foreigners who have skills necessary for their projects, or recruiting participants for the market research of new products and new services.
    This is a chance to make the best use of this opportunity.






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  • The world’s only cooking class specializing in Vegan Japanese food for foreigners


    BentoYa Cookingは、世界中の人が楽しめる植物性のみで作られたヴィーガン和食・和スイーツを外国人にお伝えしています。東京都内・横浜・兵庫・大阪・京都で開催。未来の子供たちが暮らす日本、そして「世界をよりよい場所へ変えたい!」という想いから動物性原材料を使わない和食教室のコンセプトで始めました。何よりも、“野菜だけでこんなに美味しい和食料理が作れる!”という感動を、日本国内外に発信していきます。

    2013年ユネスコに無形文化遺産に登録された和食は、海外からも注目される料理です。BentoYa Cookingでは、お弁当・寿司・天ぷら・手作り味噌教室など誰もが想像するThe和食をはじめ、ラーメン・餃子・かつカレーといった、海外で爆発的に人気のあるメニューを教えています。外国人がわかりやすいよう、食材の選び方や代替品のご紹介も含め丁寧に英語・中国語で教えています。

    【Kyoto】Vegan Ramen and Gyouza Lesson・ヴィーガンラーメン餃子レッスン
    日時: Every Sat from 11am to 2pm.毎週土曜日11時~14時
    場所;7mins from JR Kyoto station.京都駅徒歩7分

    【Tokyo】Sakura Shoujin Ryouri lesson(Monk’s meal)・桜精進料理
    日時: 7th Apr from 2pm to 430pm.4月7日(日)14時~16時半
    場所;5mins from Yoga station.用賀駅徒歩5分

    【Tokyo】Shaun the Sheep Kawaii Bento box class ・ひつじのショーンキャラ弁
    日時: 7th Apr from 1030am to 1330pm.4月7日(日)10時半~13時半
    場所;5mins from Yoga station.用賀駅徒歩5分


    BentoYa Cooking
    一般社団法人 日本ヴィーガン・ベジタリアン和食料理教室協会

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  • Fun & Useful Japanese Class for Non-Japanese

    Learn Japanese language in small group with trained volunteer instructors. The course provides not only language lessons, but also opportunities to experience/learn Japanese traditional culture, Kawasaki-City and Disaster drills etc.



    For inquiries(お問合せ)

    Kawasaki International Association

    URL: https://www.kian.or.jp/
    E-mail: kiankawasaki@kian.or.jp
    TEL: 044-435-7000

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  • Oiran Experience at Professional Photo Studio

    “Asakusa Henshin Shashinkan – Studio Nanairo” in Taito City, Tokyo is a photo studio where you can have your photo taken wearing traditional Japanese clothes. It offers oiran (courtesan) photo sessions complete with hair and make-up sessions done by a professional. The price starts from 27,000 yen includ-ing sales tax. There are also plans for ninja and samu-rai experiences in which you can watch ninja perfor-mances. As an additional extra, you can have your photo taken outside.


    「浅草変身写真館 スタジオ七色」(東京都台東区)は、日本の伝統的な衣装を着て撮影できる写真スタジオ。プロによるヘアメーク付きで、花魁(位の高い遊女)に変身して写真を撮ってもらうことができる。27,000円(税込)より。また、忍者の演舞鑑賞付きで忍者や侍体験のプランもあり。オプションで外での撮影も可能。


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  • Japanese Modern Art Exhibition

    The exhibition, “Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions,” is on at the Mori Art Museum (Roppongi, Tokyo) until May 26. “Roppongi Crossing” is a Japanese modern art exhibition held once every three years. This time, the theme is “con-nections” and work by 25 artists in fields includ-ing modern art, fashion, and AI will be on display. General admission at the door is 1,800 yen.




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