• Ninja Museum at Odawara Castle Park

    The Ninja Museum in Odawara Castle Park (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) reopened in April after a refit. Video and interactive displays utilizing the latest digital technology allow visitors to view the history of the HOJO clan – the then lords of the castle – as well as the Fuma ninja. The Fuma ninja who appear in the manga “NARUTO” were said to be the vassals of the Hojo clan. Information about the exhibits will be available in other languages, including English and Chinese. Admission: 300 yen for adults.



    The Ninja Museum in Odawara Castle Park


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  • Exhibition of Calligraphy as Modern Art

    “Art Shodo Festa 2019” will be held from June 21 to 23 at Mitaka City Arts Center (Tokyo). It’s one of the largest events in Japan for the appreciation of calligraphy as a modern art form. During the period, there will be panel events, lectures, and performances. Admission is 600 yen (covers all three days).


    「ART SHODO FESTA 2019」が6月21日~23日に三鷹市芸術文化センター(東京)で開催される。これは現代アートとしての書道作品が楽しめる、国内最大規模のイベント。期間中はトークイベントや講演会、パフォーマンスなども行われる。入場料600円(3日間フリーパス)

    Art Shodo Festa 2019

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  • Interactive Program in English at Art Museum

    “Let’s Talk Art!” started in March at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (Chiyoda City, Tokyo). It is an interactive program for visitors to Japan that enables them to enjoy art while having a conversation in English. As if they were solving a puzzle, they can discover something about artworks. The program is held every Friday from 6:30 p.m. for about one hour. It costs 1,500 yen to participate. Reservations are required in advance.


    3月から東京国立近代美術館(東京都千代田区)にて「Let’s Talk Art!」が始まった。これは英語で会話しながら楽しむ訪日外国人向けの体験型プログラム。謎解きをするように作品を理解することができる。毎週金曜日、午後6時30分より約1時間。参加費:一般1,500円。事前申込制。

    Let’s Talk Art!

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  • Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Event

    The traditional Japanese arts festival “Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2019” will be held on May 11 (the eve of festival) and May 12 (the main day of the festival) in Kagurazaka (Shinjuku City, Tokyo). Here it will be possible for visitors to enjoy traditional Japanese performing arts such as the shamisen (Japanese guitar), shakuhachi (Japanese flute), and shishimai (lion dance). Performances on the street or in the precincts of temples and shrines can be enjoyed for free. A fee is charged and reservations required to attend a session in which geisha entertain guests in a tatami room.


    「神楽坂まち舞台・大江戸めぐり2019」が5月11日( 宵祭)と12日(本祭)に神楽坂(東京都新宿区)で開催される。三味線や尺八の演奏、獅子舞な ど日本の伝統芸能が楽しめる。路上や寺社境内など屋外にて無料で観られるのが特徴。

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    Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2019

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  • 300BAR NEXT – 5th Anniversary Party

    Celebrating GINZA300BAR NEXT’s 5th anniversary from April 26 until April 30, 2019

    GINZA 300BAR NEXT is celebrating its 5th anniversary from Friday, April 26 until Tuesday, April 30, 2019 serving up limited label shochu, cocktails, and a special menu – all to the smooth tunes of guest DJs.

    You can also try and taste the 5 major whiskeys for only 1000 yen!

    Come and celebrate together at GINZA 300BAR NEXT for these 5 days for our 5th anniversary!

    Dates: From April 26th until April 30th, 2019
    Place: GINZA 300BAR NEXT


    Come and celebrate the 5th anniversary together!

    5周年パーティー @ 銀座300BAR NEXT店

    300BAR NEXTは今年で5周年!
    ご愛顧いただいておりますお客様に、感謝の気持ちを込めてNEXT 5 Day partyを開催いたします。

    〇開催日: 2019年4月26日(金)~4月30日(火)
    〇開催場所: 銀座300BAR NEXT

    Contact Us

    Three Hundred Bar Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Maeda / Takahashi
    Tel: 03-3593-8300
    Mail: info02@300bar.com

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  • 「Myanmar Festival 2019」at Zojoji in Tokyo on 25 and 26 May

    “About 60,000 people visited in two days, the largest class of Japan and Myanmar cultural exchange event in Japan “Myanmar Festival 2019” to experience the local gourmet, traditional arts and culture of Myanmar held on May 25 (Saturday) and 26 (Sunday)at Zojoji in Tokyo. We will carry out various programs such as Myanmar market (eating booth), cultural experience and exhibition sale of craft products by various organizations such as NPO / NGO etc, live stage showing traditional dance and song, and photo exhibition etc. We are looking forward to seeing you at Myanmar Festival 2019.



    2日間で約6万人が来場、国内最大級の日緬文化交流イベント「ミャンマー祭り 2019」

    生活、伝統芸能、文化を通して、リアルなミャンマーを紹介する国内最大級の日緬文化交流イベント「ミャンマー祭り 2019」を5月25日(土)~26日(日)の2日間、東京の増上寺にて開催いたします。


    Contact Us

    Myanmar Festival Corporation

    Address: Koto Kenchiku Kaikan 3th floor, 3-26-24, Toyo, Koto-ku, TOKYO, 135-0016


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  • [Osaka] Atorie Subaru ~1st Anniversary~


    Atelier Subaru is a 9-minute walk from Izumiotsu station at Osaka Nankai line.

    From the classrooms, manufacturing workshops, pop up shop events tailored to the season, goods shop from Japanese artists and the gallery, anyone can feel free to touch the manufacturing!

    It’s the place where people and people/people and city connect with art. That is the Atelier Subaru.

    We will have our first anniversary celebration on April 14th, 2019 (Sunday).
    For the day, we will have a variety of fun activities with:
    the classroom · the event · the shop · the gallery There will be also some live painting, exhibitions, singing, food and workshops!
    On our anniversary milestone, “Let’s connect! With art!”

    ・ Subaru kids (class) exhibition
    ・ Pottery painting Experience
    ・ Subaru marche
    ・ Sale of sweets from the local store “AG cafe”
    ・ Ceramics pottery handspin experience

    ・ Tomoko Masutani Japanese style painting exhibition

    Outdoor (in front of the building entrance)
    ・ Pizza grill experience
    ・ Acoustic live by musician
    ・ Participatory live paint on a huge canvas







    ・桝谷友子 日本画個展


    Contact Us

    Atelier Subar
    ADDRESS: 6-19,shinonome-cho,izumiotsu,Osaka,Japan
    TEL: 0725-21-1363
    MAIL: a.subaru.jp@gmail.com
    Web: https://kyoshitu.design/

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  • World’s First Bonsai Art Salon Opens

    The appreciation and cultivation of bonsai is a traditional Japanese art. What’s particularly Japanese about it is the time and effort involved in recreating a small slice of nature; the pleasure lies in the process of cultivation itself. Though it has become a past time that is enjoyed the world over, some people think of it as being a “hobby for old-fashioned men.”

    Now a slightly different kind of bonsai, called DRY BONSAI®, is making waves. Unlike live bonsai, this is new kind of bonsai art dispenses with the necessity for pruning branches, watering, or repotting. Bonsai that have died after a long life have their roots taken from the soil, are dried, and then have extraneous branches and roots removed. These days more and more people are gifting these to friends, or appreciating them as decorative items.

    In March 2019, “DRYBONSAI Tokyo GINZA Salon” opened in Ginza, Tokyo. After consulting with clients, they individually tailor bonsai to suit. Workshops on how to practice this handicraft are held at the salon.



    しかし最近では、少し変わった盆栽「DRY BONSAI®」が注目を集めています。これは通常の生きている盆栽とは違い、枝の手入れ、水やり、鉢替えなどが必要ない新しいスタイルのアート盆栽です。長い年月をかけて生きた末に枯れた盆栽の土を落として乾燥させ、枝や根を切って整えます。海外の友人へのおみやげやインテリアとして楽しむ人が増えています。

    2019年3月に「DRYBONSAI Tokyo GINZA Salon」 が 東京・銀座にオープンしました。お客一人ひとりのイメージにあわせて相談にのって作ります。また、手作り体験教室なども開催します。

    Contact to

    DRY BONSAI -Tokyo Ginza Salon-

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  • 第6回カレーEXPO カレー有名店40店が勢ぞろい!


    It is an event where curry stores with a reputation in Kansai gather.


    日時:5月3日(金祝)~6日(月・祝) (計4日間)
    開場09:30 終了17:00 ※公園入園は16:30まで
    場所:万博記念公園 東の広場




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  • 7,000 curry bread in a week comes in Kyoto!

    カレーパンマルシェin大丸京都店 ロゴ

    ~Curry bread marche in Daimaru Kyoto~

    Curry bread marche and a problem-solving game will be held in Daimaru Kyoto by Japan Currypan Association (JCA), a General Incorporated Association in Japan. Curry bread marche will be held from May 1st (Wed) to May 7th (Tue), and curry breads that have gotten Curry-pan GP award will come there. The problem-solving game will held in May 4th (Sat) and May 5th (Sun). JCA has been a sponsor on them.

    Time: 11:00 until sold the all out
    Place: Special place in Daimaru Kyoto (BF xx)
    Access: 1 min on foot from Karasuma Sta. of Hankyu Kyoto line (direct through underground road)
    2 min on foot from Shijo Sta. of Karasuma line (direct through underground road)
    Price range: 400 to 600 yen (planned)

    Check out the special website!

    厳選カレーパン 7日間で7000個がパンの都にやってくる!


    一般社団法人日本カレーパン協会(東京都渋谷区、理事長やすひさてっぺい)は2019年5月1日(水)~7日(火)の7日間、大丸京都店で行われる、カレーパングランプリ受賞のカレーパンだけを集めたカレーパンイベント、『カレーパンマルシェ』と、5月4日(土)・5日(日)の2日間に同時開催されるイベント「家族で遊ぼう!! 謎を解き明かし、カレーパンをゲット!!」を後援いたします。

    時 間:11時〜(売切れ次第、終了)
    場 所:大丸京都店 地階西入口特設


    Currypan examination


    Contact Us

    Japan curry bread Association

    Phone: 03-4588-0180
    Mail: jimukyoku@currypan.jp

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