School Outline

  • Founded: 2013
  • Location:
    Park Villa Kichijoji 603, 1-30-1 Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino City, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    A five minute walk from Kichijoji station by JR Chuo line and Soubu line.Also, a five minute walk from Kichioji station by Keio Inokashira Line.
  • Number of class: Two classes

School Outline And Education Method

thisJLS provides Japanese lessons for non-Japanese living in Japan, who say “I want to make progress in my Japanese language ability, but I’m too busy to go to school every day.” The school is not large, but it makes teachers focus more attention on each student. Their motto is “to provide the appropriate study plan that suits the daily life of students.” The school teaches students lessons including words and topics which connect to the work and interests of each student, so that they can make the most use of lessons in their daily life.

Lesson Features

The school puts primary importance on two sides, being, “knowledge” and “experience”. In the “general study course” students will broaden their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and Kanji by using textbooks. In the “Task challenging course” students study Japanese language through experiences such as going out to town with a teacher or having a conversation with a Japanese guest in a class. By learning two sides, their aim is students can master the language effectively. In the “special study course” the school can give students a preparation for tests or job hunting as a matter of course. Whenever students have any problems in their daily life, they are free to ask for advice or help on those matters during a lesson or alternatively via e-mail.

About Activity

The events where people outside the school including Japanese can participate, is planned to happen once or twice a month. Please check the latest event schedule on the school’s website or Facebook page. Also, feel free to e-mail us for the schedule.

Fees And Course Information

thisJIS has a four-term system. You will register in one of the courses with a duration lasting from one to twelve weeks. You can either plan a longer course, or change your course every fourth month.
Registration: None
Tuition: It differs according to the combination of courses you want. Please check it in the school’s website homepage.  Also you may ask for details via e-mail.
Others: Teaching material fee – about 2000yen – 4000yen depending on classes.
Enrollment Requirements: Appropriate visa for your stay in Japan is essential.
Required Visa: The school doesn’t issue a student visa.

Teachers Voice

Hello! thisJLS teachers’ aim is that each student can have confidence and live comfortably in Japan. The teachers love outside activities including cooking, music and sports, so besides teaching Japanese language at classes, they expect to get on with students outside of the classroom setting.

Student’s Voice

I feel at home in thisJLS, that is wonderful. I like their teaching method by which I can learn grammar at my own pace. Whenever I don’t understand, I can freely ask a question and furthermore, even when I request of them a particular study I want to do, they are willing to correspond to it. I appreciate their help so much.
I was very astonished that during having a lesson at thisJLS, we went to a supermarket with a teacher, but it was a lot of fun and a very useful experience.
I realized it’s important to learn Japanese language through experiences.

Student Support

  • When they are at a loss during in living in Japan, we will support them as much as we can.

this Japanese Language School
TEL: 0422-29-8365


  • 設立:2013年
  • 所在地:東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-30-1 Park Villa kichijoji 603号
  • 交通/最寄り:JR中央線および総武線「吉祥寺駅」徒歩5分
  • クラス数:2教室














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this Japanese Language School