Shinjukugyoen Gakuin


School Outline

  • Founded: 1988
  • Location:
    hinjiku doori Ohashi Bldg. 3fl. 2-1-13, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    3 minutes walk from Shinjuku-gyoen-mae station (Marunouchi line)

School Outline and Education Method

They mainly give their support to the foreign students who want to go to on to university. By using their unique experiences, they offer students easy to understand lessons and have friendly communications with them, so every year many students pass the PJLT test, and lots of their graduates enter both national and private universities. Furthermore, they are providing Japanese language lessons as company training, because of which consequently they receive high evaluations from many companies.

Lesson Features

This school provides appropriate instructions for students to enter their targeted universities or career schools, based on their needs. The curriculums are created in a step-up system according to the learners’ Japanese level therefore; it enables even beginners to achieve their study purpose naturally and without difficulties.
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Fees and Course information

[University Course]
Registration: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 600,000 yen / a year
Others: Selection fee: 20,000 yen, Teaching Material Fee: 30,000 yen, Insurance Fee: 12,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Over 12 years of education or the same level
Required Visa: Student Visa
[Summer Course]
Tuition: 129,500 yen / Two month Course, 76,350 / One month Course
The fee includes enrolment fee, tuition fee, teaching material fee and outdoor activity fee. Dormitory fee

Student’s Voice

gyoen6I’m a student who entered in October, from Húnán ShěngKonan sho in China. I have been planning to go to Japan for study since I was a high school student. Eighteen years ago, my parents studied in Japan and had jobs there. Therefore, I have been familiar with Japanese culture since then. I have been yearning to go to Japan, in order to feel Japan and acquire knowledge of Japanese culture. I want to study hard, and lay my roots deep into the ground and to explore Japan. After graduating, my mother selected this school first. Within one day after entering the school, I found out that the staff are kind, and the studying environment is bright and clean. Teachers are very patient to teach us. What we the students were impressed with most is that the school set up for us a new class for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test which is very helpful for us, who want to go on to university. It’s already one month since I came to Japan, and I have become accustomed to Japanese life.  Living in this clean country gives me much energy, so I am now studying hard with enthusiastic passion and a rich heart. Challenge is necessary for dreams to come to true. Even if it is a hard road, I will challenge it with courage.

Voice from a Student in a Dormitory

gyoen6_2I’m from Taiwan and a graduate from this school. Three years and half have passed since I came to Japan. I’m now a sophomore at the graduate school of Tokyo Electrics University. The life in a dormitory of Shinjukugyoen Gakuin is very convenient and you can easily go shopping. I’m quite satisfied with my food, clothing and shelter convenience. There is a 100 yen shop near the dormitory, and as the dormitory is already equipped with convenient household appliances, you don’t need to prepare anything. It is comfortable with Internet.  Most important thing is that they are free of charge. You can cook in a kitchen of a dormitory, so you will enjoy the tastes of your country’s dishes. Eating out costs you much, therefore, it saves on your expenses and you can spend the money for your cooking and hobbies. “Kill two birds with one stone” As for transportation, Shinjuku is the third big center in Tokyo, its’ only ten to fifteen minutes’ walk from Shinjuku station.  It’s indeed convenient. Because of this reason, even after graduating from the school, I’m still staying in this dormitory.

Shinjukugyoen Gakuin
TEL: 03-3356-1161




  • 設立:1988年
  • 所在地:東京都新宿区新宿2-3-13 新宿通り 大橋ビル3階
  • 交通/最寄り:新宿御苑前 徒歩3分(東京メトロ丸の内線)




gyoen2 gyoen3 gyoen4




gyoen6私は十月に入学した留学生です。中国湖南省から来ました。中国で高校在学時、日本留学を計画していました。18年前私の両親は先に日本留学、職に就きました。そのため、幼いころから日本文化には親しみを持っていました。 日本と言う国を感じ、日本文化の神髄を吸い込みたいため、是非日本に足を踏み入れたいと考えていました。一生懸命努力して、この国に根を張り、深く探求していきたいです。 高校卒業後、母は私の日本留学の第一歩として、新宿御苑学院を選んでくれました。学校に入学した一日目にスタッフの方々の親切さ、明るく清潔な学習環境、整った学習環境を感じることができました。教師の方々は辛抱強く日本語を教えてくださいます。私たちが一番感心させられたのは、学校が私たちのために、日本語以外の科目、留学生試験指導のクラスを設けてくださったことです。これは私たちのような大学受験を考えている学生には大きな助けとなります。 日本に来てからすでに一ヶ月が経ち、生活も徐々に慣れてきました。   毎日このようなきれいな町で過ごせる、それは私に元気を与えます。気持ち豊かに、熱い情熱を持って、毎日の学習に励んでいます。 どの目標にも挑戦が必要で、たとえそれが難しい道であっても、私は勇気を持って立ち向かいます。


gyoen6_2私は台湾出身の何です。新宿御苑学院の卒業生です。日本に来てすでに三年半くらい経ち、今は東京電機大学大学院の二年生です。 新宿御苑学院の寮は生活が便利で、買い物も楽にできます。衣食住は十分足りています。寮の下には百円ショップがあります。寮にはすでに便利な生活家電が有り、自分で用意する必要がありません。インターネット環境も整っており、快適です。重要なのは無料だと言うことです。寮にはキッチンが有り、家庭料理も作ることができます。寮でも故郷の味を懐かしむことができます。外食は高く、自炊だと、節約になり、料理や生活の趣味が増えて、一挙両得です。 交通については、新宿は東京都の3大副都心一つです。この寮はJR新宿駅から10から15分の距離で、本当に便利です。