Seigan Japanese Language School


School Outline

  • Founded: 2012
  • Location:
    3-2-9 Nagai, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    30 seconds walk from Nagai station (JR line) or 2 minutes walk from Midosuji-Nagai station (Midosuji line)
  • Number of Students: 51

School Outline and Education Method

This school was established adopting a completely new study system, with the theme “Let’s challenge Japanese that can be useful in a small earth called “Classroom.” At present students from 22 countries, mainly targeting those from where Chinese characters are not used, are studying Japanese. Since each class is small- sized, they can quickly understand practical Japanese.
They will do their best to satisfy each student by total support them in their daily life.

Lesson Features

Classes are divided into five levels according to student’ ability and each class is small-sized with less than fifteen students. They thoroughly study the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. TANIYAMA Tooru vice-principal, one of the specialists in the Japanese language education field, will teach instructors how to teach in order to train Japanese language teachers, always having their teaching method innovated.
Tying up with “Jambory”, an international exchange circle run by Osaka City University, they are providing their foreign students with many opportunities to talk and listen to practical Japanese by receiving Japanese university students in their class.

About Activity

They put importance in learning Japanese culture including “tea ceremony experience, etiquette training course and wearing Yukata course”. In addition, they offer field trips to places where foreign students might have difficulties to go such like Kyoto, Nara and Hyogo, so, they can learn more deeply by enjoying Japan.
There is also a supporters’ club run by the school, where volunteer instructors open special classes the students want. The school has many events, among which the welcoming barbeque party and lunch party are popular.
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Fees and Course information

[General overseas student course]
Registration: 50,000 yen
Tuition: 300,000 yen – 1,200,000 yen
Others: Selection fee: 30,000 yen,  Other expenses: 15,000 yen – 60,000 yen
Enrollment Requirements: Those who have graduated from high school and completed education for more than twelve years or those who have the equivalent qualification like passing the authorized examination.
Required Visa: Student visa or Working holiday visa

Teachers Voice

seigan-5There are many students from different countries in a class, and it’s just like a small world. They are doing their best in answering various questions from students of various countries. They always aim at developing Japanese language education by encouraging fostering of Japanese language teachers as well as Japanese language education.

Student’s Voice

Teachers are all kind and encourage us even when we made a mistake in speaking.  They are also kind enough to explain how to use unknown words, so we could understand well. Since I feel at home at school, I didn’t feel lonely at all. It was good for me to come to this school, as it is near the station and the tuition fee is more reasonable than any other schools.  (A female student from Lebanon)

Student Support

  • Staff who can speak English, Korean and Japanese are always available.
  • Sufficient support for living life, as well as arranging your dormitory, the scholarship system and introducing part-time jobs.

Seigan Japanese Language School
TEL: 06-6606-0238




  • 設立:2012年
  • 所在地:大阪府大阪市住吉区長居3-2-9
  • 交通/最寄り:JR長居駅から徒歩30秒、御堂筋長居駅から徒歩2分
  • 在校生徒数:51名






seigan-2 seigan-3 seigan-4








  • 英語、韓国語、日本語を話せるスタッフが常駐
  • 生活面でのトータルサポート、学生寮、奨学金制度、アルバイト紹介など充実したサポート体制


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