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School Outline And Education Method

Asia University emphasizes relationships with other countries, and therefore focuses on international exchange in education. Since establishing Japan’s first successful international student program in 1956, more than 4,000 foreign students have graduated with about 600 foreign students regularly studying there every year. With a school motto and policy of “JIJYO DORYOKU” meaning “improve oneself” while being considerate of others, they nurture people into becoming bridges between Japan and their own home countries by always challenging them with new ideas.

International Student Support Includes

Staffed by a Foreign Student Support Section 7-member team, they will help international students with any problems they may encounter, by offering a variety of services including applying for the extension of a term of residence, finding a guarantor when renting a room, and support in finding employment. Actual lessons will be an effective study in learning the Japanese language necessary for specialized subject matter. They further support students by offering their own scholarship awards which help in the reduction and/or exemption of tuition fees. Furthermore, enrollment in the university includes complete insurance coverage in the case of emergencies.

Total number of
students attending
(# of foreign students)
6,823 (359) as of May, 2019
(amount after
tuition reduction)
  • Entrance fee: 130,000~260,000 yen (depends on the faculty)
  • Tuition fee: 460,000~750,000 yen (depends on the faculty)
  • Others: 54,000~321,500 yen (depends on the faculty)
Scholarship system
Faculties accepting
international students
  • Business Administration Major
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Junior College
  • Graduate School
  • Foreign Student Section

Asia University
TEL: 0422-36-3273 FAX: 0422-36-1890
URL: http://www.asia-u.ac.jp
E-mail: nyushi@asia-u.ac.jp



亜細亜大学は、アジアを中心とした多地域との関りを大切にし、国際交流・教育に力を入れている。1956年に日本初の留学生別科を開設して以来、留学生の受け入れを積極的に行ってきた。今までに4,000人以上が卒業し、毎年約600人の留学生が学んでいる。『自助協力』(自己を律し、他者を思いやる) という建学の精神のもと、常に新たな挑戦を続け、日本と母国との友好の架け橋となる人材を育てている。



  • 入学金:130,000~260,000円(学部によって金額が異なります)
  • 授業料:460,000~750,000円(学部によって金額が異なります)
  • その他費用:54,000~321,500円(学部によって金額が異なります)
  • 奨学金あり
  • 経済学部(経済学科)
  • 法学部(法律学科)
  • 国際関係学部(国際関係学科)
  • 短期大学部(経営科)College (Management Section)
  • 大学院(アジア・国際経営戦略研究科、経済学研究科、法学研究科)
  • 留学生別科(1年間の日本語学習コース)

TEL:0422-36-3273 FAX:0422-36-1890