School Outline

  • Founded: 1984
  • Location:
    No.2 Tobundo BLDG., 2-16 Ageba-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • Transportation & Nearest station:
    Five minutes walk from Iidabashi station (JR: Sobu line), Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho line, Tozai line and Nanboku line, and Toei subway: Oedo line
  • Number of Students: 140

School Outline and Education Method

With a principal that mastering language for students is on the method to achieve their goal, the school is founded. The school is providing supports, which make those students from the world having various purposes possible to achieve their ultimate goal.The school provides the curriculums that the language study can learn not only vocabularies and grammar, but also understand Japanese culture, customs and society. In order to help them, they are providing an environment that students can enjoy exchange with Japanese.

Lesson Features

Placing the goal on improvement of conversation, they adopt a unique teaching method which leads also for reading comprehension and composition skills. The experienced teachers will have more time for conversation practice at a small class. Current materials such as newspapers, videos and novels are much used in the class.

About Activity

School events are held including sports meeting in May, a bus trip in July, foreign students’ festival in September and a potluck party in December. Besides, many class outdoor activities are also taken. Once in a month “Plaza Cafe” set up to provide you with an opportunity to meet Japanese are held.

Fees and Course information

[Comprehensive Course]
Registration: 52,500 yen
Tuition: 598,500 yen / a year
Enrollment Requirements: Over 12 years of education or the same level
Required Visa: Student Visa

Teachers Voice

Many students from the world come to ALA to study Japanese. You can consult with us anything, not only Japanese study. We faculties wish to be your mother, father, brother and sister and ALA would be your home.

Student’s Voice

When I came to Japan for the first time, I felt uneasy, but teachers and faculty are very kind and gave me useful advise. It was very interesting to see a Japanese TV program in the lessons. It was a commedy and I was vey glad to understand the meaning after explanation from the teacher. As I have many conversation excersise in other lessons, gradually I became to speak.

Student Support

  • Orientation and counselling for advancing to higher education. Individual counselling is available at anytime.

Academy Of Language Arts

TEL: 03-3235-0071 FAX: 03-3235-0004


  • 設立:1984年
  • 所在地:東京都新宿区揚場町2-16 第2東文堂ビル
  • 交通/最寄り:飯田橋駅 徒歩5分
  • 在校生徒数:140名














  • 進学説明会。
  • 進学相談。
  • 個別カウンセリング随時あり。


TEL:03-3235-0071 FAX:03-3235-0004