Super-J Lesson Textbook [J1-b Practical Japanese] Stress-free Conversation



J2 Practical Japanese / 実践日本語]
Stress-free Conversation / ストレスフリー会話
Sentences are formed by combining words / 文章は単語をつなぎ合わせるだけ

Lesson Contents:

Unit 7  Phrases to Use When Addressing Someone
~How to Get Around~
[Directions / Train / Weather]

Unit 8  Phrases Useful on an Outing
~Conversation During an Excursion~
[Shopping / Question / Restaurant]

Unit 9  Living in Japan
~Notes for Settling In~
[Room / Life / Shopping]

Unit 10  Working in Japan
~Japanese Companies~
[Job / Employment / Business]

Unit 11   Enjoying Your Free Time
~Japanese Recreational Activities~
[Holidays / Sports / Entertainment]

Unit 12  Terms & Phrases for When You’re in Trouble
~Emergency Calls & Phrases~
[Disasters / Crimes / Injury]


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