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One private lesson is 40 minutes perfect for a lunch break study session.  Some students even do back to back lessons making 80-minute lessons or even 2-hour(120-minute) lessons! Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your Japanese knowledge of language and culture too!

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Our online Japanese training program was launched with the objective of breaking away from the conventional method of teaching Japanese that is so popular in today’s education industry. Hiragana Times Online Japanese Program utilizes revolutionary Japanese education material that provides a successful online learning experience with clear deliverables.


  • One-on-One Dynamic Japanese Lessons with our certified “Super Japanese Instructors”
  • Learn “JAPANese” and “JapaNeeds” for a holistic learning experience by utilizing our original “Super Japanese Textbooks”
  • The vehicle for realizing Japanese proficiency is our in-house made learning management system; Welife
  • Welife’s flexible booking system allows students to book lessons according to their schedules
  • Book different teachers at different times and unlock a well-rounded learning experience by being taught by a multitude of teachers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • After every lesson, the teacher makes a record of the lesson; objectives, key-words, encouraging comments critiques, and any PDFs or lesson material utilized



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