Online Japanese Trial Lesson


Start your holistic Japanese learning experience from anywhere and anytime!


Hiragana Times J-Air Program Deliverables

Students are able to utilize our flexible lesson booking system, access their lesson records, and realize their progress to proficiency.

  • The flexible booking system allows students to book lessons according to their schedules.
  • You will be able to book different teachers at different times, unlocking a well-rounded learning experience by being taught by a multitude of teachers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • After every lesson, the teacher makes a record of the lesson objective, key-words from the lesson, encouraging comments critiques in regards to the student’s performance in the lesson, and finally, any PDFs or lesson material that was utilized.
  • Student’s now can track their progress directly by not only lesson.

Steps to Getting Started On Your Japanese Proficiency Path


1. Fill out and submit the short inquiry

2. A counselor will get back to you within 24 hours

3. Set Japanese learning objectives

4. Schedule your first lesson

5. Receive your We Life account information and begin your Japanese learning path!


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