Nicola’s Lesson Diary

Hiragana Times Online Japanese Course Lesson Diary

August 2, 2019

Feeling happy for becoming familiar and understanding more words and questions after each lesson…

After the counters and numbers I thought that the “tough” part was ended for a moment… but actually… unexpectedly there are also the dates which… to me… they sound more than similar, but with different meanings (especially for the 4th “よっか” and the 8th “ようか”)… and for this reason I still don’t know how far my brain will help me lol…

Lot of thanks to まゆみ先生 .

Nicola’s Traditional Japanese Counting (MAMA Illustration)

July 28 2019

Nicola’s Traditional Japanese Counting (MAMA Illustration)

Practicing conversations with locals is what helps you build a discrete vocabulary… I may still not be able to speak, but at least I understand little more than expected, and I’ll achieve what I would like step by step, though.

The conversations example at the restaurant, using counters and numbers have made me being a little bit more confident and feel like “I want to practice in person really soon what I’ve learnt so far”.

Thanks to まゆみ先生 for the job she’s making with me 🙂

July 12 2019

Lesson number 4 accomplished too!

Finally I’ve stepped into the crazy interesting Japanese numbers and counters world…lol

Apparently, I may be able to make up some numbers following the “bases”: “じゅう”, “ひあく”, “せん” and “まん”… though… で-も- !!!the listening during a conversation seems to be something like the most challenging thing I have been through… and… I already feel like I’ll be asking “もういちどおねがいします” thousand times before understand 😂

Thank’s to まゆみ先生 for making me improving.

June 21 2019

The 3rd has been accomplished too!

The topic of the lesson was about “food” and “eating out”.
Due to the fact I knew already few vocabs I added some extras at my personal vocabulary such as”おこめ、なす、うりば and からい”. Plus, we moved on few important helpful questions and answers to use at the restaurant and at the store.
For example “おすすめはなんですか?”、”じゃ、それおねがいします / じゃ、けっこうです / はい、わかりました.どうも”, “これもってかえれますか?” at the restaurant… while at the store: “。。。はどのれつですか?”.

I fell like I may handle a shopping alone in Japan after this lesson… lol



June 14 2019

After one week also the second lesson has been completed.

Today’s lesson was about “HAVING SHOPPING” asking like ” 。。。はありますか?” and ” 。。。なんかいですか? ” plus vocabs for things I may have to buy during my stay in Japan such as “れいぞうこ”, “せんたくき”, “でんしれんじ” and “そうじき”.

I really like conversate in Japanese with the teacher (using the poor vocabulary I have)… it looks fun and I feel like I’m getting used to use it.

Thank to マユミせんせい for teaching.

Looking forward tostart another lesson.


June 5 2019

Well…During the first lesson, I’ve been able to learn few new vocabs and questions related to “GOING TO…” such as “。。。はどこですか?” and “。。。はどうやっていきますか?” that they definitely will be helpful when I’ll get lost down Tokyo’s streets though.
Regarding the vocabs I’ve been able to learn thank to the MAMA list and some funny explanations were “くうこう”, “えき” and “ビジネスのちゅうしんぶ”.

I actually haven’t got any complaints about まゆみせんせい way of teaching due to the clear explanations and nice suggestion about remembering new vocabs.

So far I only have to say a big thank to the teacher and looking forward to improve more and more 🙂