Online Japanese Course

Hiragana Times Online Japanese Course Unlimited

Design your Japanese learning experience with a Hiragana Times counselor and start on your path to JAPANese proficiency

Using a revolutionary method registered with the Japan Patent Office,
you can master daily conversation from scratch in three months.


Our online Japanese training program was launched with the objective of breaking away from the conventional method of teaching Japanese that is so popular in today’s education industry. Unlike the “cafe-talks” method that most online language providers focus on, the Hiragana Times J-Air program Super Coaches utilize revolutionary Japanese education material that provides a successful online learning experience with clear deliverables.




  • One-on-One Dynamic Japanese Lessons with our certified “Super Japanese Instructors”
  • We utilize the dichotomic “JAPANese” and “JapaNeeds” learning methough through our original ”Super Japanese Textbooks”
  • The vehicle for realizing Japanese proficiency is our in-house made learning management system; We Life