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Groundbreaking Japanese Textbooks

Our groundbreaking Japanese Textbooks are written in-house in order to ensure that the quality of learning material is not only maintained but is entirely different from conventional and outdated alternatives. Our content is registered with the Japan Patent Office as a utility model for learning Japanese.


  • Communication with anyone can be achieved through the articulation of single words. We focus on achieving basic communication first in order to build confidence early on. You’ll learn to form more complex sentences seamlessly as your confidence builds.

  • The material is based on the natural language learning method that children innately utilize. Students will focus on vocabulary first in order to mirror the natural progression of learning a language. Vocabulary can be easily attained through our memorization method, “Mama Method”.

  • Once students reach an advanced level, they move on to our “Current Japanese” textbooks that utilize relative issues and topics. For example, “News Expressions & Buzzwords” are one of the units covered.