[Super J Academy] Self-Study Japanese Video Lesson Testers Wanted!

The Super Japanese Coach Association have now completed our One Word Communication Japanese Lesson videos in English. With our uniquely entertaining method (these texts have been registered with the Japan Patent Office), you can easily memorize 1,000 commonly-used Japanese words. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll be able to communicate in Japanese within just three to four months. Though we have already tested its efficacy and begun giving lessons, in order to improve lesson quality, we’d like to test it out on more people from around the world.

So now, readers who are serious about learning Japanese from scratch, can study free-of-charge with our revolutionary method in exchange for giving us their honest impressions of the lessons and texts.

What do testers do?

They can take the first online five lessons with the PDF text (Memory Magic Skill edition) together with the vocabulary list PDF accompanied by a Japanese recording. Students study for one week by themselves with the learning materials provided before having a real lesson with one of our trainee coaches.

In exchange, they must fill out the questionnaire provided later. If we feel they have sufficiently grasped the information in the lessons, they can advance to the second stage, and the texts (1,000 Target Words) will be provided with the video content and vocabulary list accompanied by an audio track.

Application Details

  • We are looking for students who are serious about learning Japanese from scratch.
  • 30 testers are wanted (basically one person or two people at most from one country).
  • Part 1 [One Word Communication] Memory Magic Skill comprises of five lessons.
  • Part 2 [One Word Communication] 1,000 Target Words comprises of ten lessons.
  • Your real lesson schedule with the trainees will be adjusted to make allowances for time differences.
  • Applications will be accepted until all the spaces are filled.


Application Form:

Self-Study Japanese Video Lesson Testers Wanted!

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