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Your contributions are welcomed!
Jokes about or satires on Japan. Please post on Twitter (♯JapanJoke) in hiragana, katakana, kanji with hiragana and katakana, Glomaji (Global romaji), English, or a mixture of all of these scripts. Must be within 140 characters.

日本に関するジョークや風刺。ひらがな、カタカナ、ひらがな・カタカナ混じりの漢字、Glomaji (Global Romaji)、英語、またはそれらの組み合わせで、Twitter(♯JapanJoke)に投稿してください。140字以内。

Examples / 例:

These are taken from articles that have been published in Hiragana Times in the past (some of which have been introduced in other media). Comments from the editor are marked with a
“ * .”
Hiragana Times で紹介した作品です。(一部は他のメディアなどでも紹介されたもの)。*は編集部からのコメント。


Japan is the center of the world (as far as I can tell from looking at a world map in Japan)

*In Western world maps Japan is located in the Far East.


“May I touch (sawatte) you?” (This has been mistaken for “suwatte” sit)

*Who asks “May I molest you?”

・anata ha yakuninn deha naku, akuninn desu.

You are not an officer (yakunin), but an evil man (akunin)

*“Why(y)?” it’s not necessary.

・I’m George SHEEHAN. This business card has my name in kanji on it – Love Affair Master.

The kanji “love affair” can be used for “George” and “Master” for Sheehan.

* すぐに覚えてもらえて、笑いも引き出せる最高の名刺。
*A great name card that will be instantly

・「どっちが正しい? にほん? ニッポン?」「どっちでもいいよ」

“Which is correct, “Nihon” or “Nippon”? “It doesn’t matter.”

Really, you may use either.

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