“Super J online Academy” is now open.

From Scratch Super Speedy Language Acquisition with Revolutionary Fun Method

Online From Scratch Course Features

This is completely different from conventional lessons. Our Super-J course was created taking a non-academic approach that enables learners to easily communicate in Japanese in just six months.

  1. Applying the process learners use to memorize the vocabulary they need in the daily lives.
  2. Taking advantage of readers’ knowledge of internationally used English.
  3. Applying the principles used to remember abnormal events.
  4. Using alphabetic script that can be converted into correct Japanese script.

Free Japanese Textbook is offered

The Memory Magic Skill Editions are available free. The way you approach Japanese language study will be completely changed. With this tool, you can easily memorize more than 100 words a day in a fun way and recall them anytime.

Download Free: https://super-j.academy/

Super JAPANese Coach Association
URL: https://super-j.academy

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