Free Test Learners Wanted for Super Unique Japanese Lessons

① Communication

Testing a system for memorizing everyday vocabulary and improving communication.

② Script

Testing a system for memorizing Glomaji, hiragana, katakana and basic everyday kanji.

In four 90-minute online lessons

Carried out by the Super Japanese Coach Association in cooperation with Hiragana Times, these tests are for those who have almost no Japanese language knowledge, and those who can communicate in Japanese, but have almost no knowledge of Japanese script.

Any non-Japanese person can apply from anywhere in the world

We particularly welcome

  1. Those who really want to learn Japanese.
  2. Those who have almost no knowledge of the Japanese language, or its script.
  3. Those who agree to these lessons being carried out by new teachers, who have completed the Super Japanese Coach course.
  4. Those who can fill out a survey questionnaire about their experience of these trial lessons and agree to their feedback being used in advertisements for lessons. In addition, the lesson provider may take a video of the lesson from which clips of the lesson might be used in advertisements for these lessons.

Communication Session:

Lesson contents

You will study the MAMA memory magic method that enables you to memorize a word instantly in a fun way. The words you learn here are those most commonly used in everyday life. You will be able to communicate with Japanese people after these lessons.

Script Session:

Lesson contents

You will first learn Glomaji, the alphabetical script that forms the basis for learning all other scripts. Then, hiragana that Japanese children learn first at primary school and katakana that is used as a stand in for mainly foreign words. Finally basic kanji that is seen on signboards, restaurant menus and in train stations.

Lesson Dates: April 1 – 28 (Dates may be changed)

20 test subjects will be selected.

Lesson Time: Select from the time slots written in the entry form.

Lesson Rules: Each lesson is held during the same week (five working days).

The first trial lesson will be taught at the beginning of the second week. If students fail to properly respond, they cannot advance to the next stage.

* A total of 30 subjects will be selected for both trials. Teachers for each lesson may change.

What those selected can gain

  1. They can take four free lessons.
  2. Texts are provided free of charge.
  3. A certificate of achievement is provided, if desired.
  4. Excellent test subjects may be introduced to a Japanese employer, if they want.
  5. A discount might be offered if they wish to take further Japanese lessons, and they can choose a teacher from the teachers they have already studied with.

Entry Form:

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