Calling for Your Participation in a Revolutionary Japanese Study Project

Since our first issue of Hiragana Times in 1986, our editorial policy has been to help readers learn Japanese while also discovering more about Japan itself. Here, we’d like to thank to all our readers for supporting this policy.

Now, in accordance with a rising interest in Japan, the number of visitors to Japan is monitored each year, and in the year 2020 when Tokyo is due to host the Olympics the number of visitors is expected to reach 4 million. On the other hand, there is only a limited number of non-Japanese people who have an intimate knowledge of Japan and its language.

One of the main reasons for this is that most teaching materials, being aimed at academics, are divorced from everyday realities and are therefore not practical. Breaking from fixed notions about language acquisition and by providing readers with real articles about Japan, Hiragana Times has taken a fresh approach with its unique study method.

So that anyone can easily master Japanese and discover more about Japan itself, we are continuously developing and promoting our innovative study method. It might not be an exaggeration to say that this has been a revolution in Japanese study. There are many people in Japan who are supporting our efforts and we trust that our readers are our best ambassadors.

We are therefore delighted to announce this project and invite your participation.

Promotion for 2018-2019

1. Further evolution of Hiragana Times

As a “Revolutionary JAPANese Text Magazine we are continuously striving to improve. At the heart of this are our Super-effective Japanese Lessons. Super-unique study methods will be added to this, allowing readers to learn about the real Japan through language study, and to easily master kanji by following our methods.

2. Promotion of Super-effective Japanese Lessons

We will start doing these lessons in association with language schools, who will use our Super-effective Japanese Lesson texts. In addition, we will promote lessons via the Internet, so that the people of the world can study, and plan to begin training as Japanese language coaches.

3. Promotion of JAPANese Workout Series that Allows You Acquire an Intimate Knowledge of Japan

Hiragana Times articles have a reputation for being educational, informative, and entertaining. By revising some of the articles we have accumulated over 30 years we are creating a new series with which you can simultaneously learn about Japan itself as well as the Japanese language.

Hiragana Times Has a Reputation for:

1) Published articles are used as examples for translations in an online dictionary.

2) Data from articles is used to improve the quality of machine translations by some global corporations.

3) Every year some universities use our articles in their entrance examinations and in exam papers, as well as in school textbooks.

4) Some schools and corporations use our texts as teaching materials for Japanese or English study or for understanding the real Japan.

5) Our articles have been featured in hotel and overseas magazines.

6) It has been translated into brail for the blind.

7) We received the best magazine prize twice at the NTT Town Magazine Contest.

8) The magazine is read by intellectuals in over 100 countries, subscribers include foreign embassies and IT businesses.

9) It is used as a resource by interpreters and guides.

To Those who Are Able to Participate in this Project

This project is not only aimed at promoting our Japanese learning method, but is also aimed at starting a revolutionary movement in Japanese learning worldwide. We are expecting participants from many different countries and fields. While both individuals and companies can sign up, we are only recruiting those that support the goals of Hiragana Times. If we earn a profit, a commission will be paid out. However, those who are only interested in money need not apply.

There Are Various Ways for You to Help

1. Financial Support

To launch this project, we require money for development and promotion purposes; we are looking for people who can provide financial support.

2. Technical Support

We are looking for people with computer skills that can help us digitize lesson texts or with our sales system.

3. Using Our Teaching Materials

Japanese language teachers who can teach using our Supereffective Japanese Lesson texts.

4. Illustrating

In our Super-effective Japanese Lessons, students learn with our unique method. We are looking for people who can create illustrations for us.

5. Sales Help

Those who can sell Hiragana Times, Super-effective Japanese Lesson texts and the Workout series on their websites or directly to others.

6. Managing Our SNS and Website

Those who can manage and make Hiragana Times’ social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, websites or YouTube more appealing. Archive data will be provided for these purposes.

7. Donations

Those who can donate (from upwards of a minumum amount of 10,000 yen) just as you would with crowd funding.

8. Other Ideas

What can you do to support this project? We welcome your suggestions.

We also welcome collaboration from individuals or corporations, regardless of nationality, that sympathise with this project.

Enquiries and comments

HASEGAWA Katsuyuki, Editor in Chief


Hiragana Times は1986 年の創刊以来、日本語を学びながら日本の知識も得られる編集方針を貫いてきました。ご愛読いただいている皆さまにあらためて感謝いたします。


その大きな要因の一つとして、ほとんどの日本学や日本語の教材は学問化され、現実、実用からかけ離れている点があげられます。Hiragana Times は従来の固定観念から離れ、まったく新しい視点から等身大の日本をユニークな学習法で紹介してきました。


2018-2019 年の方針

1. さらなるHiragana Timesの進化

Revolutionary JAPANese Text Magazine の編集方針をさらに極めていきます。その核となるのはスーパー日本語レッスンです。今後は日本語学習を通じて等身大の日本を学べる、また漢字を簡単に覚えられる超ユニークな学習法も加わります。

2. スーパー日本語レッスンの推進


3. 日本事情が学べるジャパニーズ・ワークアウトシリーズの普及

Hiragana Times の日本事情に関する記事は、教育的で、ためになる情報もいっぱいあり、エンターテイメント性があると評価されてきました。30 年以上にわたり蓄積されてきたこれらをテーマ別に再編集して、日本語と日本が学べるシリーズとして構築します。

Hiragana Timesはこんなに評価されています。

1) 掲載記事がオンライン辞書の翻訳例題として活用されています。

2) グローバル企業の日英機械翻訳品質向上のためのデータとして活用されています。

3) 毎年いくつかの大学の入試及び入試問題集に、また教科書にも採用されています。

4) 日本語教育、英語教育、また日本事情を把握する教材として学校や企業でも活用されています。

5) 掲載記事をホテルの客室マガジン、外国語マガジンなどへ提供しています。

6) 目の不自由な方のために点字に翻訳されてきました。

7) NTT 全国タウン誌大賞を2度受賞しました。
8) 各国大使館、IT 業界をはじめビジネスマンなど、100カ国以上の第一線で活躍する方に読まれています。

9) 日本紹介のネタ本として通訳ガイドに活用されています。


これは単に日本語学習法の普及ではなく、世界的に日本語学習革命のムーブメントを起こすことを目指しています。そのためさまざまな国のさまざまな分野の日本ファンの参加を期待しております。個人、法人を問わずどなたでも参加できますが、Hiragana Times の事業に共鳴いただける方に限ります。収益があがれば、それに見合った報酬はお支払いいたしますが、金銭目的の方はご遠慮ください。


1. 資金援助


2. 技術提供


3. 教材採用


4. イラスト提供


5. 販売協力

Hiragana Times、スーパー日本語レッスン教材、ジャパニーズ・ワークアウトシリーズを自身のサイトなどで販売できる方。

6. SNSやWebsiteの活性化

Hiragana Times のFacebook やTwitter、あるいはWebsite やYouTube などを管理・活性化ができる方。
Hiragana Times のアーカイブデータを活用できます。

7. 寄付


8. その他






HASEGAWA Katsuyuki, Editor in Chief
ひらがなタイムズ編集長 長谷川勝行

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