World’s First Bonsai Art Salon Opens

The appreciation and cultivation of bonsai is a traditional Japanese art. What’s particularly Japanese about it is the time and effort involved in recreating a small slice of nature; the pleasure lies in the process of cultivation itself. Though it has become a past time that is enjoyed the world over, some people think of it as being a “hobby for old-fashioned men.”

Now a slightly different kind of bonsai, called DRY BONSAI®, is making waves. Unlike live bonsai, this is new kind of bonsai art dispenses with the necessity for pruning branches, watering, or repotting. Bonsai that have died after a long life have their roots taken from the soil, are dried, and then have extraneous branches and roots removed. These days more and more people are gifting these to friends, or appreciating them as decorative items.

In March 2019, “DRYBONSAI Tokyo GINZA Salon” opened in Ginza, Tokyo. After consulting with clients, they individually tailor bonsai to suit. Workshops on how to practice this handicraft are held at the salon.



しかし最近では、少し変わった盆栽「DRY BONSAI®」が注目を集めています。これは通常の生きている盆栽とは違い、枝の手入れ、水やり、鉢替えなどが必要ない新しいスタイルのアート盆栽です。長い年月をかけて生きた末に枯れた盆栽の土を落として乾燥させ、枝や根を切って整えます。海外の友人へのおみやげやインテリアとして楽しむ人が増えています。

2019年3月に「DRYBONSAI Tokyo GINZA Salon」 が 東京・銀座にオープンしました。お客一人ひとりのイメージにあわせて相談にのって作ります。また、手作り体験教室なども開催します。

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