「Myanmar Festival 2019」at Zojoji in Tokyo on 25 and 26 May

“About 60,000 people visited in two days, the largest class of Japan and Myanmar cultural exchange event in Japan “Myanmar Festival 2019” to experience the local gourmet, traditional arts and culture of Myanmar held on May 25 (Saturday) and 26 (Sunday)at Zojoji in Tokyo. We will carry out various programs such as Myanmar market (eating booth), cultural experience and exhibition sale of craft products by various organizations such as NPO / NGO etc, live stage showing traditional dance and song, and photo exhibition etc. We are looking forward to seeing you at Myanmar Festival 2019.



2日間で約6万人が来場、国内最大級の日緬文化交流イベント「ミャンマー祭り 2019」

生活、伝統芸能、文化を通して、リアルなミャンマーを紹介する国内最大級の日緬文化交流イベント「ミャンマー祭り 2019」を5月25日(土)~26日(日)の2日間、東京の増上寺にて開催いたします。


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Myanmar Festival Corporation

Address: Koto Kenchiku Kaikan 3th floor, 3-26-24, Toyo, Koto-ku, TOKYO, 135-0016


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