Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Event

The traditional Japanese arts festival “Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2019” will be held on May 11 (the eve of festival) and May 12 (the main day of the festival) in Kagurazaka (Shinjuku City, Tokyo). Here it will be possible for visitors to enjoy traditional Japanese performing arts such as the shamisen (Japanese guitar), shakuhachi (Japanese flute), and shishimai (lion dance). Performances on the street or in the precincts of temples and shrines can be enjoyed for free. A fee is charged and reservations required to attend a session in which geisha entertain guests in a tatami room.


「神楽坂まち舞台・大江戸めぐり2019」が5月11日( 宵祭)と12日(本祭)に神楽坂(東京都新宿区)で開催される。三味線や尺八の演奏、獅子舞な ど日本の伝統芸能が楽しめる。路上や寺社境内など屋外にて無料で観られるのが特徴。

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Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2019

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